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Influencers are more active endorsing beauty brands through Instagram Stories than on Snapchat, but smaller beauty brands still thrive very well on Snapchat staying under the radar while engaging their audience.August 9, 2017 --- Snaplytics is a market...
Google uncovers espionage conducting malware which monitors and steals information about the target - including emails, messages and calls.
Where will you watch clips from the biggest soccer tournament next year?
Microsoftrsquo;s messaging app follows in footsteps of Instagram and Facebook Messenger.
This week, a judge considers possible jail for alleged extortionists who pled the Fifth.
Could your next favorite show be a Snapchat exclusive?
Filters aren't just for your face anymore.
Can Apple convince video sharers to move their filmmaking to its app?
Google first announced its plan to become a top cloud provider for the enterprise in June 2012. But turning an inward-focused, engineering-driven company inside out to cater to enterprise customers has been a struggle. By most estimates, Google Cloud remains a distant No. 3 behind AWS and Microsoft Azure.Last week’s Google Cloud Next conference may mark a turning point. At 10,000 attendees, the three-day event was more than four times the size of last year’s conference. A change in tone emerged: Google spent more time actively reaching out to enterprises than it did flogging its technical superiority.Instead of SnapChat or Evernote, real enterprise customers waltzed across the stage, including Colgate, Disney, HSBC, Schlumberger, and Verizon. Plus Google announced a partnership with the fusty enterprise software vendor SAP, which will run its in-memory HANA analytics database on Google Cloud.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
School declares: "We shall protect the privacy of all members of our school community."
It looks like Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, is continuing to come after Snapchat.
Shooter sent selfie to gamer via Snapchat—leading to his arrest.