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Samba released fixes for its networking software to address two critical vulnerabilities that allowed attackers to change admin password or launch DoS attacks.
At last yearrsquo;s Security Analyst Summit 2017 we predicted that medical networks would be a titbit for cybercriminals. Unfortunately, we were right.

The numbers of medical data breaches and leaks are increasing.

According to public data, this year is no exception.
I started programming when I was seven (on paper and without a computer, but that’s another story). One thing I learned early is that software development—like life—is full of trade-offs: Organizations and developers used to have to pick between per...
Poor security practice, shared passwords and vulnerabilities in software increasingly aid attackers access treasure troves of sensitive personal data, warns report.
Sygic joins Panasonic Toughbook’s Independent Software Vendor programmeBRACKNELL, UK. 12th MARCH 2018: Panasonic today announced that Sygic has joined its Independent Software Vendor Partner Programme to offer the most advanced mobile navigation ...
Gallery: Valve recently moved to new offices, so we took every photo we were allowed.
Improved anti-malware detection prevented spread of cryptomining software this week, says Microsoft.
The exposed server contained the company's downloadable software -- including a code-signing certificate.

What’s new in LLVM

The LLVM compiler framework has gone from being a technological curiosity to a vital piece of the modern software landscape.
It is the engine behind the Clang compiler, as well as the compilers for the Rust and Swift languages, and provides a powerf...

The Slingshot APT FAQ

While analyzing some memory dumps suspicious of being infected with a keylogger, we identified a library containing strings to interact with a virtual file system.

This turned out to be a malicious loader internally named “Slingshotrdquo;.
There are three ways of doing things in the malware business: the right way, the wrong way and the way Brazilians do it.

From the early beginnings, using skimmers on ATMs, compromising point of sales systems, or even modifying the hardware of processing devices, Latin America has been a fertile ground for collecting credit and debit cards en masse.
Think of it as automated flight authorization and cataloging for drones.