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First data from Juno shows strong magnetic field, massive polar storms

Unexpected features of gravity and magnetic fields provide new hints of interior.

River channels on three worlds reveal a history of shifting landscapes

Earth, Mars, and Titan all have channels, but different geologic pasts.

Where a solar roof works and where it doesn’t

This is not a one-size-fits-all product.

Mercedes-Benz Energy pairs with solar company to sell batteries, rooftop panels

German luxury car maker follows Tesla's path into residential market.

28% off Dizaul 5000mAh Portable Solar Dual USB Power Bank ...

Great for hikes, trips to the beach, or any sunny place you find yourself, this waterproof and shockproof power bank will harness the sun to keep you fully juiced all day.

Features a hook for easy attachment to your pack or bag, eco-friendly silicon...

Natural Power expands due diligence team in North America

Dr Christine Bordonaro has been appointed to the role of Principal Engineer on the due diligence team at Natural Power in North America and will be supporting the due diligence activities for both wind and solar.Christine Bordonaro brings 20 years of i...

Forget Mars—let’s go colonize Titan!

The book Beyond Earth says wersquo;re looking too close to home for our space colonies.

Watching two waves of hot lava in the Solar System’s largest...

And we borrowed the moon Europa to image it from Earth.

Astronomers find water in the atmosphere of a warm, Neptune-sized planet

It’s hot enough that its clouds could be composed of zinc sulfide.

Tesla starts pre-orders on solar roof for $1,000, rolls out calculator...

Tesla is banking on a “fully installed cost” to be attractive to home owners.

New device can harvest indoor light to power electronics

The low intensity of light indoors suits this hardware just fine.

43% off Moonrays Solar Weatherproof Outdoor LED Landscape Lights – Deal...

If you're looking for curb appeal after the sun goes down, or an added element of safety along pathways, you may want to consider this deal.

This stylish set of 8 landscape lights is solar powered and designed for all-weather operation.
Its internal batteries charge during the day, and is completely removable and replaceable if needed (standard rechargeable AA's).

The list price of $43.99 has been reduced by 43% to just $24.90 for a set of 8.

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