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The rise and fall of FireWire, the standard everyone couldn’t quite...

"Show us that it's being adopted in the industry, and we'll put it in.”

Sony’s PlayLink links your phone to your PS4 for multiplayer minigame...

The second screen concept is back, only this time it might actually be worth it.

HDR and video games: Ars leaves E3 with more questions than...

HDR looks great in applicable games, but newer game consoles blew a big E3 opportunity.

Breaking Bad execs move to Apple to lead original video content

Carpool Karaoke is just the beginning.

Who had the best E3 press conference? Ars decides

Xbox One X? Spider-Man? Mario? Here's what made an impression amid the hype.

Sony continues to lock PS4 players out of cross-platform play

But Sony exec says there's no "profound philosophical stance" against the feature.

Video: Sony lets Ars loose on PlayStation’s E3 games and developers

We talk to Gran Turismo’s creator about HDR TVs, his favorite virtual car, more.

Spiderman closes out PlayStation E3 presser with web-slinging awesomeness

Skyrim VR, God of War, new Shadow of the Colossus remaster, and much more.

Xbox One X: Everything you need to know

The Xbox One X (neacute;e Scorpio) is here! But is it enough to take down the PS4 Pro?

Xbox Scorpio is now Xbox One X—launches November 7

Microsoft's take on the 4K console feature six teraflops of power and a sleek design.

Liveblog: The PC Gaming Show returns for E3 2017

Get ready for hours of gameplay footage and awkward developer conversations.