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The ancient Maya imported dogs from across Guatemala for religious rituals.
Regional language differences in the UK are retained centuries later in Suriname.
Humans played an important role in spreading fruit species around Latin America.
There are three ways of doing things in the malware business: the right way, the wrong way and the way Brazilians do it.

From the early beginnings, using skimmers on ATMs, compromising point of sales systems, or even modifying the hardware of processing devices, Latin America has been a fertile ground for collecting credit and debit cards en masse.
Continuing its international expansion, eProseed announces the opening of its first entity in Latin America.

From the Guatemala City office, eProseed will offer its full range of services to customers throughout the region. "As part of our internationa...
EU says holdover from post-WWI efficiency efforts isn't relevant in today's world.
Another edition of BSides NYC has passed, and as first time attendee and presenter, I was genuinely impressed with the impeccable organization, the content shared, and the interesting conversations that took place among enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world.
The global cloud and network provider expands into South AmericaLondon, UK – 31 January 2018 – Interoute, the global cloud and network provider, has announced the launch of new services in São Paulo, Brazil.

The site is Interoute’s fi...

NEC Brazil head steps down

Latin America head Masazumi Takata takes over as interim leader for operations in the country.
Banks in Latin America appear to be next big target, Group-IB says.
During past few years, the number and quality of attacks aimed financial sector organizations has continuously grown.

The financial institutions that have not already thought about cyber security, will soon face the consequences of hacker attacks.
This time of year is an ideal hunting ground for hackers, phishers and malware spreaders; disguising their attacks as offers too good to refuse, a concerned security message from your bank requiring urgent attention, a special rate discount from your credit card service, and more.