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People who were impersonated by anti-net neutrality spammers blast FCC

FCC should investigate and throw out fake comments, impersonation victims say.

Examining the FCC claim that DDoS attacks hit net neutrality comment...

Attacks came from either an unusual type of DDoS or poorly written spam bots.

Smyte Releases New Anti-Spam and Fraud/Harassment Prevention Tools

The online security company's trust and safety platform now includes a custom rules engine and deep learning neural network models for supervised and unsupervised image classification.

New Jaff Ransomware Part Of Active Necurs Spam Blitz

A new malware family called Jaff has been identified by researchers who say they are currently tracking multiple and massive spam campaigns distributing the malware via the Necurs botnet.

Jaff Ransomware Family Emerges In Force

A new ransomware family is making the rounds in multiple high-volume spam campaigns over the past day, according to Cisco Talos.

New ransomware Jaff demands $3,700 payments

Attackers behind the highly successful Locky and Bart ransomware campaigns have returned with a new creation: A malicious file-encrypting program called Jaff that asks victims for payments of around $3,700.Like Locky and Bart, Jaff is distributed via malicious spam emails sent by the Necurs botnet, according to researchers from Malwarebytes. Necurs first appeared in 2012 and is one of the largest and longest-running botnets aroundnbsp;today.[ Make threat intelligence meaningful: A 4-point plan. | Discover how to secure your systems with InfoWorld's Security Report newsletter. ]According to an April analysis by researchers from IBM Security, Necurs is made up of about 6 million infected computers and is capable of sending batches of millions of emails at a time.
It is also indirectly responsible for a large percentage of the world's cybercrime because it's the main distribution channel for some of the worst banking Trojan and ransomware programs.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

This new ransomware nightmare demands a big payday to decrypt your...

Infamous Necurs botnet seen sending spam emails containing new ransomware to millions of potential victims in just a few hours.

The FCC has received 128,000 identical anti-net neutrality comments

There might be a bot faking widespread net neutrality opposition.

Malspam Causing Havoc for Mac & Windows

Spam is a multi-platform, multi-vector approach to network compromise, and organizations need to weigh up the risks on all fronts to be able to combat it successfully.

Guardian Soulmates users spammed with smut following breach

Emails and IDs exposed, trolls have a field day Updated  Lonely hearts on the dating website Guardian Soulmates have been targeted with sexually explicit spam emails after trolls abused leaked contact information.…

Fake Google Docs phishing deluge hits Gmail

The spam email appears as a contact sharing a Google Doc, so do not open it.