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Fixes for vulnerabilities spread across 20 products and a Solaris patch that addresses the Spectre processor flaw.
Java fixes, Spectre Solaris patches issued Oracle has released its April security update, addressing a total of 254 security vulnerabilities across dozens of products.…
Crypto expert panel tackles the big stories of the year RSA 2018  Speaking at the 2018 RSA conference, a board of some of the most respected names in security spoke on Tuesday and were scathing about Facebook – and the industry's response to the Spectr...
The company is also using its processorsrsquo; performance monitoring to detect malicious code.
Systems will still need updated firmware to get the latest microcode, however.
AMD notified users about new available Spectre CPU firmware and Windows 10 patches.
AMD has released microcode updates for Spectre variant 2 that require Microsoft's latest Windows 10 patch.
Company claims it's too hard, and few systems have exposure to attack.
Intel has halted patches for older chips addressing the Spectre vulnerability, according to a recent microcode update.
A handful of CPU families that Intel was due to patch will now forever remain vulnerable.