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Company offers "categorical denial" to reports from former employees.
Introduced to amuse tourists, the monkeys pose a public health risk, scientists warn.
Plus: New Mario Tennis, free online hide-and-seek for Mario Odyssey
The end of the year is a good time to take stock of the main cyberthreat incidents that took place over the preceding 12 months or so.

To reflect on the impact these events had on organizations and individuals, and consider what they could mean for the overall evolution of the threat landscape.
Stagnation had turned Ubuntu into just another distro; now it's interesting all over again.
MariaDB will become a better database on Windows and an Azure managed service.
Threatpost editors Mike Mimoso and Tom Spring discuss the week's information security news.
Disney also revealed a standalone ESPN streaming package is on the way in spring 2018.
Kotlin, the statically typed alterative Java language for JVM and Android development, is showing signs of making it into the big leagues, getting support in development frameworks.For example, the Spring Framework now supports Kotlin.

And there are...
Iconic sci-fi/horror anthology will join Star Trek: Discovery in CBS' streaming lineup.
Threatpost editors Mike Mimoso and Tom Spring discuss the week's top information security news stories.
The service hasn't been formally announced, but it still looks to be struggling.