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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Webmasters should update immediately to prevent website takeovers.
A bug exploitable in WordPress 4.8.2 and earlier creates unexpected and unsafe conditions ripe for a SQL-injection attack.
AmosConnect v8 vulnerable to 'blind SQL injection' Security researchers have gone public about "critical" security flaws in a maritime communication platform.…
Three critical SQL injection vulnerabilities in Oracle's popular E-Business Suite make up a part of 250 bugs patched for the company's quarterly Critical Patch Update,
Researchers go public after BPC Banking's long silence on SQL injection bug Rapid7 has gone public with news of an e-commerce SQL injection vulnerability, saying it couldn't raise a response from the vendor.…
A popular ecommerce platform sold in 60 countries suffers from a SQL injection vulnerability privately disclosed in April that has yet to be patched by the vendor.
A vulnerability in the web-based management interface of the Cisconbsp;Smart Net Total Carenbsp;(SNTC) Contracts Details Page could allow an authenticated, remote attacker to perform a read-only, blind SQL injection attack, which...
Inmarsat Solutions offers a shipboard email client service,AmosConnect 8(AC8),which was designed to be utilized over satellite networks in a highly optimized manner. IOActive has identified two security vulnerabilities in the client software:On-board ship network access could provide visibility of user names and passwords configured on the client device. A backdoor account has been identified in the client that provides full system privileges. This vulnerability could be exploited remotely. An attacker with high skill would be able to exploit this vulnerability. AmosConnect 8 has been deemed end of life,and no longer supported. Inmarsat customers must contact Inmarsat Customer Service to obtain the replacement mail client software.
Katyusha scanner targets web servers with instant chat Hackers are touting a tool that allows any idiot with a smartphone to conveniently order up mass SQL injection attacks against websites.…
Recorded Future finds new hacking tool that's cheap and convenient to carry out that old standby attack, SQL injection.
The Katyusha Scanner can find SQL injection bugs at scale, and is managed via the Telegram messenger on any smartphone.
The popular NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin was recently patched to address a “severe” SQL injection vulnerability that put website databases at risk.