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Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Even if EA fulfills promises, this game may still be too far gone to the Dark Side.
Feature will return, but “only after wersquo;ve made changes to the game.”
"We will be looking at data continually and make adjustments..."
Rant: Loot boxes are just the beginning of EA's worst-ever dive into pay-to-win.
Reviewing episodes 7-9: OK, maybe wersquo;d skip 7 on a rewatch.
Studio behind Titanfall, unnamed Star Wars game stays with EA to tune of up to $455M.
Disney also revealed a standalone ESPN streaming package is on the way in spring 2018.
LA Times documented lavish election spending to defend Disneyland tax breaks.
A rumored sale of Fox assets to Disney adds a new wrinkle to our 2014 analysis.
The eighth episode of Star Wars is due out next month.
Worst damage is fixed, but is this still too much Dark Side in a Star Wars game?
The ripple effects of Lucasarts' closure apparently set Visceral's demise into motion.