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Charge up the Pip-Boy.
The first 60 turns are free, then the game costs $60mdash;but itrsquo;s $30 for launch.
Right now Amazon has the PS4 Slim 1TB console, Star Wars Battlefront II bundle for $50 off its typical list price, so you can buy it now for $249.

This bundle will vault you into the greatest galactic battles in the Star Wars universe.

Featuring a J...
Ludicrous villains, cute animals, swords & spaceshipsmdash;itrsquo;s supposed to be silly.
“It was Vader who supported govt power over everything said & done on the Internet.”
But don't worry, we don't mention the part where Jar Jar kills all of the Porgs.

Hawaiirsquo;s Chris Lee wants to protect minors from “psychological manipulationrdquo;
Astronauts will get to see the latest Star Wars film soon, says NASA.
First four partsmdash;Barbie, GI Joe, He-Man, Star Wars—hit the streaming service on Dec. 22.
This darkly funny adventure isnrsquo;t perfect, but itrsquo;s full of genuine surprises.
McQuarrie's concept art set the tone for Star Wars, now the DAVE School has brought it to life.
Googlersquo;s first ARCore app launches, but yoursquo;ll need a Pixel phone and Android 8.1.