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Windows Phone Is An Ex-Platform

Microsoft announced its Q2 2016 results yesterday, reporting strong performance for its cloud business and leading to a stock...

Microsoft’s Ballmer gets docked for Windows 8, Surface RT

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recieved 76 percent of the total incentive award for which he was eligible in fiscal 2013. Issues plaguing the Windows...

Microsoft’s Ballmer: Why Microsoft doesn’t want to be IBM (or Apple)...

Microsoft's outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer talks about the CEO succession process, balancing hardware and software and why Microsoft won't 'just' be an IBM.

Microsoft’s Ballmer on his biggest regret, the next CEO and more

I had 15 minutes today to ask Microsoft's outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer a few questions. We talked his biggest regrets, his thinking on what's...

Here’s Microsoft CEO Ballmer’s goodbye note to the troops

Ballmer tells employees: 'This is a time of important transformation for Microsoft.'

Microsoft CEO Ballmer to retire in the next 12 months

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced his intentions to step down.A search committee is seeking his successor.