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Existing owners can pay for updated content; no word on PC version yet.
EPA ethics lawyer approved request, but handling of conflicts of interest is unclear.
But PC gaming's most popular platform still has a relatively tiny VR userbase.
The movie is slated to begin shooting this summer.
For some reason, 0.5 percent are still using the initial Windows 10 release.
Research points to irregular steel mill operations on Zug Island, but questions abound.
MongoDB will add multidocument ACID transactions support to its NoSQL database of the same name. Multidocument ACID transactions support has been the most-requested feature sought for MongoDB, said Seong Park, MongoDB’s vice president of strategy an...
Apple's first smart speaker feels exclusively designed for its most ardent fans.
This summer, Microsoft will bring its threat protection product for Windows 10 to the operating system's predecessors.
A Windows 10 feature is coming to old platforms.
Microsoft is adding Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 to the list of protected end-points covered by Windows Defender ATP, starting this summer.
Microsoft’s .Net Core, a cross-platform implementation of the company’s .Net development platform, is being readied for its 2.1 release, featuring improvements to build time performance and tools deployment.When to expect .Net Core 2.1 The open sour...