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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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"Inter partes review" let a patent's opponents be heard, without spending millions.
Microsoft keeps up the challenges while Supreme Court remains silent.
Washington Supreme Court: Child porn laws apply even if perp, victim are the same.
"The border doctrine does not say that the Constitution doesn't exist at the border."
Kid-porn suspect to remain jailed pending 5th Amendment appeal to Supreme Court.
California's Supreme Court rules authorities must justify denying data requests Police departments cannot categorically deny access to data collected through automated license plate readers, California's Supreme Court said on Thursday – a ruling that may help privacy advocates monitor government data practices.…
Prosecutors use Yiddish to describe man imprisoned 2 years for contempt of court.
Defendant to ask Supreme Court if compelled decryption is a 5th Amendment breach.
Octane Fitness had to fight off an “old patent... just sitting on the shelf.”
But, judge rules in Ellis, cops didn't need warrant due to "exigent circumstances."
Fowler files a determined defense of employee-driven class-action lawsuits.
The case comes two months after courtrsquo;s “offensiverdquo; trademarks ruling.