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ATT can't force California customers into arbitration, judge says.
As two California cities sue oil companies, judge requests climate tutorial.
Attendee list suggests a vigorous debate between pro- and anti-gaming voices.
New York AG alleges that Charter promised speeds it knew it couldn't deliver.
Silicon Valley fears that if US wins, its data held abroad will be vulnerable.
Murray Energy says it will appeal the decision.
Meanwhile, convicted Silk Road creator wants to have his case heard at Supreme Court, too.
NY Supreme Court rejects Charter's motion to dismiss Internet speed lawsuit.
“Itrsquo;s the same as pornography.... we are reaping what wersquo;ve sown here.”
Law would require warnings, odds disclosures, and retailer enforcement.
'Pon their Oath, they're not having this Should a court-appointed lawyer be allowed to rifle through your email account after you die? The artist formerly known as Yahoo! has asked the US Supreme Court to answer that question for users in the United St...