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Redmond finds allies in Irish data centre spat Allowing Uncle Sam to seize emails stored in Microsoft's Irish data centre would violate foreign data protection laws and risk setting a damaging precedent, the US Supreme Court has been told.…
Data privacy isn't only a top concern for Microsoft.

The company's lawyers will go before the U.S.
Supreme Court to argue the issue involving the data stored on Microsoft-operated servers in foreign nations.
Meanwhile, NSA spy suspect, KickassTorrents cases didn't advance very much in 2017.
Gorsuch: unfettered access is "exactly what the framers were concerned about."
Charter cites FCC preemption of state net neutrality rules in case filed by NY.
Justice Elena Kagan on limiting patent reviews: "Why would we do that?"
NY State Supreme Court: stingrays act as "an instrument of eavesdropping."
Apple has final resolution in one of its two blockbuster cases against Samsung.
Canada's highest court sought to alter search results, but it won't apply in US.
Equustek won an unprecedented global order, but it's unlikely to stick in the US.