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Does US have right to data on overseas servers? We’re about...

Supreme Court case has ramifications for tech sector, foreign relations, and privacy.

Judge rips lawyers in IP rift over viral Facebook childbirth video

Judge says media should be paid the “costs of defending this frivolous litigation.”

Supreme Court turns down EFF’s “Dancing Baby” fair use case

The law against bogus DMCA takedowns will remain tough to enforce.

There’s a constitutional right to use social media, Supreme Court says

North Carolinarsquo;s law was “unprecedented in the scope of First Amendment speech.”

Supreme Court rules: Offensive trademarks must be allowed

Justice Samuel Alito: "Giving offense is a viewpoint."

Sorry ma‘am, you didn’t win $43M—there was a slot machine “malfunction”

Casino had apologized "for any inconvenience this may have caused."

Supreme Court will weigh in on troll-killing patent-review process

High court could wipe out a powerful tool to invalidate bad patents, or endorse it.

Kim Dotcom can’t get back millions worth of assets US seized,...

Because Dotcom is a fugitive, he canrsquo;t challenge asset forfeiture, feds say.

Supreme Court says game over for Xbox 360 console-defect class action

The suit claimed there were 55,000 complaints to Microsoft about disc scratching.

How one patent troll is desperately trying to stay in East...

Uniloc finds a dozen reasons Google should still be sued in East Texas.

Do cops need a warrant to stalk you using your cellphone...

Armed robbery case goes to America's highest court After years of contradictory appeals court decisions, the US Supreme Court will finally hear a case about how private your cell phone location should be.…