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Supreme Court makes it much harder for patent trolls to sue...

Folks got sued in East Texas “just because they had a website.” Those days may be over.

Supreme Court asked to rule if cops need warrant for cell-site...

Warrantless cell-site tracking has become extremely important to crime fighting.

Trump administration to Supreme Court: Don’t hear EFF “Dancing Baby” case

Court fight over 29-second video of toddler dancing to Prince is now a decade old.

Too little, too late? FCC wins net neutrality court case

Wheeler's court win over ISPs reaffirmed, but Pai plans to overturn the rules.

Trump’s first 100 days: The good, the bad, and the ugly...

NASA stalls, net neutrality goes on life support, coal wins, and pollution reigns.

Utah Supreme Court ruling bars direct sales of Teslas through a...

State regulators can prohibit an auto manufacturer from having an interest in dealerships.

Will the Supreme Court end the East Texas patent scam?

Tech companies and interest groups seek to alter the geography of litigation.

Cheerleading company can get copyrights, pursue competitors, Supreme Court says

The high court ponders copyrighted uniforms, Van Gogh, and cat-shaped lamps.

Hope fades for cheap TV-over-Internet as FilmOn loses copyright fight

TV networks expert witness: “The Internet is not a communications channel.”

1 million NYC homes can’t get Verizon FiOS, so the city...

Verizon wants another four years to cover remaining 1 million households.

Appeals court throws out six Intellectual Ventures “do it on a...

Massive patent holder has been suing for years now, but it can't win a case.

From Apple to Zendesk, tech sector supports transgender boy at Supreme...

Companies all allow employees to use bathrooms "consistent with their gender identity."