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Axon, maker of the Taser weapon, defeats copycat firm in patent...

Phazzer is the third such firm that Axon (formerly Taser) has defeated in court.

Microcosm simplifies state management for React apps

Viget Labs has published a data layer for Facebookrsquo;s popular React JavaScript UI library.

Called Microcosm, the open source tool manages state and data flow for React applications, keeping track of user actions even when users switch context or lose connectivity. Formally introduced to the public this month, Microcosm reduces the need for boilerplate code and keeps React apps organized.

The company has described Microcosm as being an evolution of Facebookrsquo;s Flux application architecture for client-side web applications.
Viget has been running Microcosm in production itself for two years.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

A King’s Ransom It is Not

The first half of 2017 began with two intriguing ransomware events, both partly enabled by wormable exploit technology dumped by a group calling themselves “The ShadowBrokersrdquo;.

These WannaCry and ExPetr ransomware events are the biggest in the sense that they spread the quickest and most effectively of known ransomware to date.

Early tests show bizarre issues with Nintendo Switch voice chat app

Forget multitasking when talking with other players in Splatoon 2.

BrandPost: How to Use On-Box Python Scripts for Cisco Devices

As a junior network engineer at a university I wrote a lot of management scripts in Perl.  I had scripts to do things such as check switchport configurations and upgrade switch code.

Times have changed a lot since then.

The universityrsquo;s web server now runs in the cloud, rather than on my personal workstation, and Python hasnbsp;surpassednbsp;Perl  as the scripting language du jour. Network automation now has a major focus with Python as an extremely important tool.Today Irsquo;m going to show you how to use Python scripts hosted on the box and integrated into IOS.

This is far more powerful than my earlier-career scripts, and I have some simple examples for PCI compliance, Dynamic DNS ACL updates, and configuration validation.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Splatoon 2 redeems the most clever online shooter series in years

We have a lot to say about Nintendo finally getting an online game (mostly) right.

War for the Planet of the Apes is a genuinely satisfying...

The righteous apes are back, for great justice.

Nintendo Switch finally has a streaming video app, and it works—kind...

Comes from Japan's popular Niconico video service, but it works in any region.

Two-factor FAIL: Chap gets pwned after ‘ATT falls for hacker tricks’

This is getting stupid now – time to dump SMS and switch to code-generating apps or tokens A software developer says a thief siphoned cash from his PayPal account – after a dumbass ATT rep handed control of his cellphone account to a hacker, thus defeating his two-factor authentication.…

Where are all the Nintendo Switch game ports?

Despite healthy hardware sales, plenty of big-name games aren't making the switch.

Verizon Wireless disconnects some heavy data users in rural areas

Verizon sheds customers who roam on rural networks and use tons of data.

Judges refuse to order fix for court software that put people...

Defender: Switch to Odyssey Court Manager remains at the heart of the problem.