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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Avast's recent acquisition spreads a backdoor signed with its own certificate.
Google says website owners must replace existing authentication certificates by its published deadlines or the Chrome browser will start to distrust their sites.
The shift will begin with a new version of the Chrome web browser.
This is how trust ends, not with a bang but with a whimper Google has detailed its plan to deprecate Symantec-issued certificates in Chrome.…
NEWS ANALYSIS: A new set of exploits by an unknown group known as “Dragonflyrdquo; has successfully penetrated critical infrastructure in the US and other nations using old but effective methods.
Dragonfly dissected Symantec is warning of a resurgence in cyber-attacks against firms in the energy sector by a group of hackers it calls Dragonfly.…
Symantec warns that a hacker group that first attacked energy companies in 2014 is back, and this time it might have more disruptive goals.
Intrusion into power companies' operational networks is a dramatic escalation.
Symantec reveals that so far in 2017, ransomware has increasingly become more of a business concern than ever before.
Both Petya and WannaCry highlighted that Australia is not immune to cyber threats, and the best mode of defence is educating staff and reporting malicious activity, Symantec's APJ CEO has said.
Symantec senior threat researcher Waylon Grange explains that attackers write vulnerable code, too.