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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Install Norton Security for Mac,prior to version 7.6,does not validate SSL certificates.
Diplomatic and government organizations in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Argentina are being targeted by what Symantec says looks like a nation-state actor.
Francisco Partners acquires majority stake in Comodo CA; DigiCert completes purchase of Symantec's SSL cert business.
Ransomware attacks, the Equifax data breach and other cyberattacks have bolstered Symantec's standing in the enterprise.

But a shift to cloud is making forecasting financials a bit tricky.
Francisco Partners has installed a new CEO and chair in the deal for an undisclosed sum.
$950 million deal first announced on Aug. 3, is now complete as DigiCert aims to build customer confidence after Google's trust revocation for Symantec SSL certificates.
DAILY VIDEO: Kaspersky Lab claims malware caused security app to grab secret data; Symantec expands endpoint security with deception technology; How HPE is attempting to make artificial intelligence easier to use; and there's more.
Symantec updates its endpoint protection portfolio with new deception capabilities and a mobile security product based on technology acquired from Skycure.
Your periodic reminder: Google is chronically unable to detect untrustworthy apps.
A coalition of federal law enforcement agencies, ISACs, and Symantec will offer BEC workshops in a dozen cities.
Malware researcher encounters bogus download links during multiple visits.
Avast's recent acquisition spreads a backdoor signed with its own certificate.