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Having switched focus to software and security, BlackBerry will be challenged by the likes of pure-play vendors such as Symantec and Trend Micro, but can build on customer base in Indonesia and India.
$950 million deal comes in the wake of Google sanctions on Symantec certs earlier this year.
Seven years after acquiring the SSL/TLS certificate business from VeriSign, Symantec sells the business unit to DigiCert.
DigiCert will part with $950 million upfront in cash, and hand Symantec a 30 percent stake in exchange for its website security unit.
Google's browser will start the process of removing trust from old Symantec TLS certificates in Chrome 66.
Symantec security researcher reveals that the tools behind some data breaches aren't all that sophisticated and are vulnerable to attack.
Hanno Bouml;ck forged incorrect private keys to test if Symantec would revoke his legitmate certificate, and sure enough, they did.
Which is more secure: virtual machines (VMs) or containers? The truth is that securing containers and cloud-native workloads is different than securing VMs, and it all starts with understanding attack and response and the ever-evolving nature of thr...
The deal marks Symantec's second purchase of an Israeli cybersecurity startup in less than a week.
Symantec makes its' second acquisition in two weeks, adding critical mobile operating system security capabilities, including Apple IOS.
Acquisition fills gap in Symantec's Apple iOS mobile security strategy - and addresses the future of 'mobile first,' Symantec CEO says.
Fireglass' claim to fame is its browser isolation technology that helps businesses combat ransomware, malware and phishing threats.