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Whoever was behind 1987 Chicago "broadcast intrusion" is the D.B.

Cooper of media hacking.
2018 will be a year of innovation in financial services as the pace of change in this space continues to accelerate.

As more channels and new financial service offerings emerge, threats will diversify.

Financial services will need to focus on omni-channel fraud prevention to successfully identify more fraud crossing from online accounts to newer channels.
Phishing remains the biggest account takeover threat to Google users, surpassing keyloggers and credential leaks.
But Broadcom is still "fully committed" to the acquisition.
Studio behind Titanfall, unnamed Star Wars game stays with EA to tune of up to $455M.
People are starting get jumpy about the prospect of AI being used to automate everything and anything. Now that AI has proven its ability to squeeze out both blue-collar jobs (through robotics et al.) and white-collar occupations (through natural la...
In the history of computing, 1995 was a crazy time.

First Java appeared, then close on its heels came JavaScript.

The names made them seem like conjoined twins newly detached, but they couldn’t be more different. One of them is compiled and statical...
Two-factor authentication is no longer an optional feature.
If you use modern cloud services, this extra layer of security can dramatically reduce the risk of a hostile takeover. Here's how to get started.
We get a long look at bad guy Alexandra, a new character invented just for this series.
Attackers have been carrying out WPSetup attacks, taking advantage of users who have installed WordPress but not yet configured it.
The serious vulnerability left the ride-sharing service's full single sign-on system open to exploit.