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Sunday, October 22, 2017
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In the history of computing, 1995 was a crazy time.

First Java appeared, then close on its heels came JavaScript.

The names made them seem like conjoined twins newly detached, but they couldn’t be more different. One of them is compiled and statical...
Two-factor authentication is no longer an optional feature.
If you use modern cloud services, this extra layer of security can dramatically reduce the risk of a hostile takeover. Here's how to get started.
We get a long look at bad guy Alexandra, a new character invented just for this series.
Attackers have been carrying out WPSetup attacks, taking advantage of users who have installed WordPress but not yet configured it.
The serious vulnerability left the ride-sharing service's full single sign-on system open to exploit.
200 million users could potentially be at risk from vulnerabilities in streaming media players that can enable malicious subtitles to takeover systems.
Yahoo has patched an account takeover vulnerability on its Flickr image-hosting service that earned an independent security researcher a $7,000 bounty.
New "Lex" platform makes Alexa's intelligence available to all.
Broadcom chips allow rogue Wi-Fi signals to execute code of attacker's choosing.
WhatsApp and Telegram patched vulnerabilities in the last week that could have let an attacker take over a user's account.
As we move more of our lives online, fraudsters are using account takeover attacks, which allows them to access richer information and cause more damage.