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Espionage suspect totally thought messages to Chinese intel were deleted

" Mallory expressed surprise at seeing some secure message history."

Obama’s Energy Secretary is starting a low-carbon energy think tank

Energy Futures Initiative will offer analysis to “policymakers, industry executives, and NGOs.”

Breaking Bad execs move to Apple to lead original video content

Carpool Karaoke is just the beginning.

After 50 years, a private company will revive NASA’s “wet workshop”

A big challenge, but the payoff is incredible: essentially "free" space stations.

The Mummy review: A mix of good-creepy and Tom Cruise-creepy

Best bits make us hopeful for next Dark Universe movie. Not this one, though.

RiME game review: An unforgettable memorial vacation

Simple puzzles, end-game bummers can't tank this masterful interactive story.

EU security think tank ENISA looks for IoT security, can’t find...

Proposes baseline security spec, plus stickers to prove thing-makers have complied European network and infosec agency ENISA has taken a look at Internet of Things security, and doesn't much like what it sees.…

NASA inspector questions why agency built rocket test stands in Alabama

SLS program has no documentation to show why it made the decisions it did.

Going down to the Silicon Bayou: Scenes from Collision 2017

Now annual gathering offers IT, security, startups, and more over three days in NOLA.

Hot jobs of the future

"Roughly 50 percent of all the jobs on the planet will disappear by the year 2025," predicts futurist Thomas Frey, founder of the DaVinci Institute think tank.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story)

Hello Tatooine! An unpowered device can harvest water vapor in a...

Take an unusual material, add sunshine, collect water.

Startup says it can make compressed-air energy storage scheme dirt cheap

Hydrostor digs its own storage tanks, stores heat for reuse.