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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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2017 was one of the most intense in terms of incidents affecting the information security of industrial systems.
Security researchers discovered and reported hundreds of new vulnerabilities, warned of new threat vectors in ICS and technological processes, provided data on accidental infections of industrial systems and detected targeted attacks.
As 30% of bank jobs face elimination due to disruptive technologies by 2025, businesses in all industries warned to prepare for the blockchain revolution.

As blockchain technology promises to radically overhaul the nature of business, changing the job ...
A $15 million dollar test center in Aurora will advance research on better rail travel
The rear sensors might use a different tech than the iPhone X's front array.
Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley is probing Google's business practices.
The deal will give Cloudflare technology to optimize mobile security, performance.
Vietnamese security company Bkav says it has built a proof-of-concept mask that fools Apple’s Face ID technology.
Are we at the tipping point with cloud computing? As more technology comes out on public clouds, cloud technology seems to be pushing the limits of innovation.
It’s still an emerging approach, yet the degree of innovation in the public cloud seems t...
Organisation to help companies meet emerging regulations and growing requirements for simpler, stronger user authenticationLondon, November 14, 2017 – The FIDO Alliance today announced the launch of a FIDO Europe Working Group to accelerate the u...
14 November, 2017 — Surrey, United Kingdom — Telefonix Voice and Data, a leader in unified business communications and technology solutions across the UK, today announces that they will be bringing sophisticated signal processing and spatia...
LAN-hosted event in Tauxigny, France, brought together 13 companiesTauxigny, France, November 13, 2017: Leading industry names from across the globe came together to accelerate the development of PON technology at the second XGS-PON Interoperability Pl...
Bracket Computing updates its cloud computing workload technology with new security inspection capabilities that can detect and block hacker activities.