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FCC rule improperly treated everyone with a smartphone as potential robocaller.
Verizon will fix NY copper lines and potentially upgrade more than 30,000 homes.
"Not to pick on them, but we don't work on SpaceX schedules."
The most profound advancements in technology are often less about technology and more about new interfaces replacing old ones.

The car offered an entirely new interface to mobility than a horse or a bike; the telephone did the same for communication...
Data quality can be thought of as the degree to which data reflects accurate, timely, valid, and consistent information in relation to the portrayal of the actual scenario. Put simply, does a customer named Robert Smith really live at 123 Main Stree...
From the archives: An old FCC decision provides perspective for what the Commission is doing now.
ISPs supposedly harmed by the rules expanded to new areas and installed fiber.
Lawyer who brought case the day after Snowden revelations vows to appeal.
FCC authorizes aggressive blocking of spoofed and invalid numbers.
The FCC wants to block Minnesota from regulating Charterrsquo;s VoIP phone service.