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Experts: Headline-grabbing editorial on saturated fats “bizarre,” “misleading”

Authors' argument is once again based on weak, cherry-picked data.

As US prepares to gut net neutrality rules, Canada strengthens them

Canada cracks down on zero-rating while FCC allows paid data cap exemptions.

The Wheel of Time series is one step closer to your...

Sony has snapped up the rights and brought on an executive producer.

Giant FCC spectrum auction raises $19.8 billion, sets up 5G services

A U.S.

Federal Communications auction of repurposed television spectrum has raised US$19.8 billion and will pave the way for mobile carriers to offer faster and more reliable service across the country.The 70MHz in new spectrum available will allow ...

Invader Zim will return to TV “soon-ish” with original creator, cast


Pope cautions youths about social media’s “false image of reality”

"Don’t let yourselves be led astray," Francis says.

“Startlingly effective” TV ads for testosterone helped lead to over-prescription

Only ~7% of men may need testosterone meds, but sales jumped 10-fold amid TV ads.

How AI, machine learning will impact tech recruiting

Artificial intelligence and machine learning already make a huge impact on the way we watch movies and television, shop, and travel, but how will these new technology advancements affect you as a sourcing or recruiting professional?It all comes down...

NASA has essentially stopped tweeting about the #JourneyToMars

It seems unlikely any directive has come down from the Trump administration.

IDG Contributor Network: Kellyanne Conway’s microwave story is half-cooked

The Trump administration is the most powerful administration in the world. He and his team have access to the best intelligence in the world, so it's disturbing to see that they get all of their intel from TV shows, radio shows, and alt-right websi...

1 million NYC homes can’t get Verizon FiOS, so the city...

Verizon wants another four years to cover remaining 1 million households.

ISPs cheer pause of rule that guards private data from security...

Data security rule would have confused Internet users, FCC chair claims.