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Terrorism victims can’t hold Facebook liable for Hamas’ use of the...

Website immunity holds up against the US Anti-Terrorism Act.

UK police charge activist under terrorism law for refusing to hand...

The controversial "schedule 7" law can compel a person at the UK border to turn over device passwords.

Trump confirms he shared classified intel with Russia’s foreign minister

National Security Advisor: Trump didn't expose sources or methods.

Feds propose heightened social media vetting of visa applicants

Plan applies to applicants "who have been determined to warrant additional scrutiny."

Threat Intelligence Is (Still) Broken: A Cautionary Tale from the Past

There is much to be learned from the striking parallels between counter-terrorism threat analysis before 9-11 and how we handle cyber threat intelligence today.

Big US companies pull YouTube ads after extremist content sparks uncertainty

The ads might not have run over hateful videos, but they're not taking any chances.

FBI’s methods to spy on journalists should remain classified, judge rules

Reaction: "It is antithetical to a democracy that supposedly values a free press."

Don’t panic over cyber-terrorism: Daesh-bags still at script kiddie level

Medieval terror bastards not great at hacking says ex-top NSA lawyer RSA USA  There’s no need to panic about the threat of a major online terrorist attack, since ISIS and their allies are all talk and no trousers.

That's according to the former head of the US National Counterterrorism Center.…

Refugee takes Facebook to court over being featured in “fake news”

Anas Modamani says Facebook should do more to stop misuse of his image.

Doing business in Europe? Trump just screwed that up

In his first fortnight in office, President Trump has shown himself willing to upend precedents and protocols. He may also have shredded the basis for a data-sharing framework that U.S. businesses -- particularly tech companies -- rely on to facili...

Trump immigration ban means a war with tech

The decision by President Donald Trump to impose a broad immigration ban on seven countries may have an impact he didn’t foresee.The ban, a 90-day moratorium on admissions and re-entry in the United States unveiled on Friday, isn’t about H-1B visa-holders specifically.

And it doesn’t grow out of the his voiced concerns about the use of that visa to displace U.S. workers.
Instead it affects tourists, business and student visas.

Those with permanent residency, or green cards, are also affected.[ Commiserate with your fellow techies -- check out "7 hardware horror stories from the help desk." | Have a tech story to share? If we publish it, we'll send you a $50 American Express gift card -- and keep you Anonymous.
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Trump’s ban, issued through an executive order, affects all visa types in seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

The action is ostensibly intended as an anti-terrorism measure.
It targets some, but not all, Muslim-majority countries; Saudi Arabia, for instance, is not on the list.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Hackers Target Sundance Film Festival

Local and online box offices were temporarily knocked offline Saturday.

America's largest independent film festival became the target of a cyber attack over the weekend.

The Sundance Film Festival kicked off Friday in Park City, Utah, with movie premieres, midnight showings, and a network failure.

"Sundance Film Festival has been subject to a cyberattack, causing network outages that have shut down our box office," a spokesman told Variety, adding that "all screenings will still take place as planned."

The official Twitter account on Saturday promised that "our team is working hard to get our systems back up [as soon as possible]." Within an hour, the Salt Lake City and Gateway box offices were "back up and running," and online ticketing for future shows was quickly restored.

Update: The Salt Lake City Box Office is back up and running. #SLC #Sundance

— SundanceFilmFestival (@sundancefest) January 21, 2017

Update: Online ticketing for future shows is back up. #Sundance

— SundanceFilmFestival (@sundancefest) January 21, 2017

Update: The Festival Box Office at Gateway in #ParkCity is now up and running. #Sundance

— SundanceFilmFestival (@sundancefest) January 21, 2017

"Our artist's [sic] voices will be heard and the show will go on," the organizers tweeted.

The hack, according to Variety, occurred around noon MT (2 p.m. ET)—shortly after comedian Chelsea Handler led a Women's March in Park City in protest of Donald Trump. It was also the same day as several big premieres, including films about war, terrorism, Chinese dissonance, doping in sports, and race and class in America.

It remains unclear whether the incidents were related, or how many Festival guests were affected by the box office interruptions. The Sundance Institute did not immediately respond to PCMag's request for comment.

This month's showcase includes the premiere of Dear Angelica, the first animated experience created entirely in virtual reality, according to Oculus, whose in-house Story Studio produced the movie—available for Rift owners to download from the Oculus app store.