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"Cost of normal dual motor AWD option is $5k," Tesla CEO says
Using more electricity is good for utilities' business.
Musk's youngest company will keep LA Metro informed on its plans.
A stack of 140 batteries will work to keep the European grid at 50Hz.
Porsche invented the hybrid back in 1900, and it's learned some tricks since then.
Source tells WSJ the departure isn't connected to Tesla's Autopilot issues.
The relationship between Tesla and the NTSB has been rather frosty lately.
28 fueling stations will be built along Anheuser-Busch's busiest routes.
The feds just threw Tesla under the bus on Autopilot safety.
Musk details a few nodes in production that had been causing trouble.
Nikola: Tesla's cabin design is substantially similar to its Nikola One truck.
History suggests Tesla's cashflow situation is likely to improve this year.