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Crewless electric cargo ships may be on the horizon in Norway

Companies team to build autonomous, zero-emission container "feeder ship."

SolarCity co-founder Peter Rive will leave Tesla, following his brother

The Rive brothers built the company, stayed through Solar Roof announcement.

Pocket brains: Neuromorphic hardware arrives for our brain-inspired algorithms

IBM's TrueNorth helps usher in design that could again get around Moore's Law limits.

70 mph and 5.3 seconds of magnetic levitation: Hyperloop One hits...

The next test will target speeds of 250 miles per hour.

2,939 new Teslas were registered in Hong Kong in March—none in...

Currently, the only way to make EVs competitive is with government incentives.

After bet between billionaires, South Australia buys 129MWh Tesla battery

The system will power 30,000 homes, charge with electricity from a nearby wind farm.

Elon Musk says Tesla Model 3 production starts imminently

Production is set to reach 20,000/month by December 2017.

The digital tools that designed the Tesla Model 3 and crash-tested...

Dassault Systèmes’ 3D platform aims to do it all.

Nvidia’s new TensorRT speeds machine learning predictions

Nvidia has released a new version of TensorRT, a runtime system for serving inferences using deep learning models through Nvidiarsquo;s own GPUs.Inferences, or predictions made from a trained model, can be served from either CPUs or GPUs.
Serving inferences from GPUs is part of Nvidiarsquo;s strategy to get greater adoption of its processors, countering what AMD is doingnbsp;to break Nvidiarsquo;s stranglehold on the machine learning GPU market.[ Revealed: AMDrsquo;s strategy to become a machine learning giant. | Roundup: TensorFlow, Spark MLlib, Scikit-learn, MXNet, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, and Caffe machine learning and deep learning frameworks. ]Nvidia claims the GPU-based TensorRT is better across the board for inferencing than CPU-only approaches. One of Nvidiarsquo;s proffered benchmarks, the AlexNet image classificationnbsp;test under the Caffe framework, claims TensorRT to be 42 times faster than a CPU-only version of the same testnbsp;— 16,041 images per second vs. 374mdash;when run on Nvidiarsquo;s Tesla P40 processor. (Always take industry benchmarks with a grain of salt.)To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Swift creator leaves Tesla as a computer vision expert joins the...

Lattner leaves after just six months; Karpathy comes from OpenAI nonprofit.

Tesla Model S warned driver in fatal crash to put hands...

Model S driver had hands on steering wheel for 25 seconds during a 37-minute period.

Surprising no one, Tim Cook says Apple is “focusing” on auto...

Also calls electric driving “a marvelous experience," expects ride sharing to take off.