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Friday, November 24, 2017
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South Australia battery installation has 100 MW capacity, a world record.
Begun, the electric hypercar performance war has.
The car is expected to have a 620-mile range.
The company already has a ton of competition.

But it could arrive fashionably late.
VW Group will invest $11.8 billion, plans 10 new EVs for China by 2020.
Remote fault diagnostics, telematics and connected infotainment significantly enhance driver safety and enjoyment, but they also present new challenges for the automotive sector as they turn vehicles into prime targets for cyberattack.

The growing risk of a vehiclersquo;s systems being infiltrated or having its safety, privacy and financial elements violated, requires manufacturers to understand and apply IT security.
Worker says he routinely heard the n-word at Tesla’s Fremont factory.
Steve Jurvetson promises “legal action” against people who “defamed me.”
A one-mile stretch of highway in Los Angeles will be used to test the idea.
Tesla still working on making a factory the “machine that builds the machine.”
The bill would end the $7,500 personal tax credit at the end of 2017.
Top executives deferred questions on future capex spending for Q4.