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More carmakers are looking toward electric vehicles as fuel cell falters.
“Elon is lying about millions of miles without incident... Letrsquo;s start ‘faketeslalsquo;.”
The 150MW plant will be completed by 2020, SA government says.
The official word is the Model 3 will have 50kWh and 75kWh battery packs.
The companyrsquo;s CEO has mentioned that a formal announcement will come in September.
Another loss despite emissions credit sales, but Musk is confident about the future.
The company has been in talks with possible buyers, including Ford Motor Company.
The screen doesnrsquo;t bother me, and if itrsquo;s fun to drive, they deserve to sell millions.
Standard 3 goes 220 miles for $35K, Long-range 3 goes 310 miles for $44K.
Restrictive laws and dealer contracts are handcuffing the car industry.
Companies team to build autonomous, zero-emission container "feeder ship."
The Rive brothers built the company, stayed through Solar Roof announcement.