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Augmented reality wins big in 1st Amendment legal flap

Pokemon Go craze prompted a Wisconsin county to regulate AR game play.

Will East Texas be able to keep patent cases, despite the...

A single work-at-home salesman may be enough to push ahead with a patent trial.

Microsoft will help ISPs bring wireless Internet to 12 US states

Microsoft invests in white space networks, offers royalty-free access to patents.

Rezatec partnering with Matchpoint Inc., leading water management and preservation consultants

To deliver unique satellite-powered leak detection in the Southern US States Harwell, Oxfordshire, 11th July 2017.

As part of a continued expansion into North America, Rezatec has now partnered with Matchpoint Inc. to bring innovative applications of satellite data analytics to the water industry in North America. Rezatec and Matchpoint aim to help water companies in the southern states including Georgia, North & South Carolina, Florida and Texas, reduce non-revenue water lost through pipeline leakage,... Source: RealWire

Drone dropped “tools” enabling inmate to escape, prison officials say

"We believe a drone was used to fly in the tools that allowed him to escape."

Newegg fought its way through two appeals to win fees from...

It took repeated appeals to win an award that “aged like fine wine.”

The digital tools that designed the Tesla Model 3 and crash-tested...

Dassault Systèmes’ 3D platform aims to do it all.

Tales from the very first iPhone line

Wherein I discover new things about smartphones, life, and The Goonies.

Lawsuit: Comcast sabotaged small ISP’s network, then took its customers

Comcast "systematically destroyed" an ISP with 229 customers, lawsuit claims.

ZeniMax to judge: Block Oculus sales or give us 20%

After trial victory, company also ups damage demand from $500 million to $1 billion

Rick Perry says carbon dioxide is not a primary driver of...

Perry: “Most likely the primary control knob is the ocean waters and this environment.”

Atlantic faces the rare prospect of two active tropical storms in...

Two active tropical storms at the same time in June? Happened just three times.