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“Science Keeps America Great,” and the March for Science reminded us

The March for Science brought out great minds—and signs—at 600 events worldwide.

Patent-holding company uses ex-Nokia patents to sue Apple, phone carriers

Nokia has spread its patents around widely, and they keep popping up in lawsuits.

Energy Dept. chief Perry says coal retirements threaten to destabilize the...

Renewables have "destroyed jobs" and diminished energy diversity, Perry claims.

NASA confirms two moons in the Solar System are venting oceans...

Ocean Worlds Exploration Program could find life on icy moons in the 2020s.

Radio hackers set off Dallas emergency sirens at midnight as a...

City engineers stop attack by… yes, turning it off then on again Shortly before midnight on Friday in Dallas, Texas, the city's emergency sirens started to howl. Within minutes, all 156 of the sirens were blaring out and residents were starting to panic.…

Hackers set off Dallas’ 156 emergency sirens over a dozen times

Twice the normal volume of 911 calls came into the system early Saturday morning.

Utah Supreme Court ruling bars direct sales of Teslas through a...

State regulators can prohibit an auto manufacturer from having an interest in dealerships.

Louisiana Tech University patents file folders, then goes trolling

University patent moved to "Micoba LLC," then used to sue 11 companies.

Go west, young techies, for IT jobs

If you want a tech job in the United States, your chances are better living in California.According to industry analyst group CompTIA in its Cyberstates 2017 report, California still leads the rest of the country when it comes to total tech sector employment.

But cities in other states are also making a good showing. New York City (and New York state in general); Austin, Texas; Raleigh, N.C.; Boston,; Washington; Atlanta; and Chicago are all major hot spots for tech jobs by one measure or another.[ Have a tech story to share? If we publish it, we’ll send you a $50 American Express gift card — and keep you anonymous.
Send it to offtherecord@infoworld.com. | We've all been there: 7 hardware horror stories from the help desk. | Follow Off the Record on Twitter and subscribe to the newsletter. ]
What’s more, the overall trend for the U.S. tech job market in 2016 was positive, no matter where you lived.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Lamar Smith claims climate scientists not following scientific method

Head of House Science Committee makes accusations he fails to back up.

Will the Supreme Court end the East Texas patent scam?

Tech companies and interest groups seek to alter the geography of litigation.

How police unmasked suspect accused of sending seizure-inducing tweet

Defendant's iCloud account contained "the exact" GIF used in the crime, cops say.