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Sysadmin ‘trashed old bosses’ Oracle database with ticking logic bomb’

Always ensure the office laptop gets returned A systems administrator is being sued by his ex-employer, which has accused of the IT bod of planting a ticking time-bomb on company's servers to wipe crucial data.…

Sysadmin accused of crashing former employer’s Oracle database with logic bomb

Always ensure the office laptop gets returned A Massachusetts systems administrator is facing charges of breaking the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, trespassing, and conversion – using other people's property for a crime – after booby-trapping his former employer's servers.…

Microsoft Patches Critical Zero-Day Exploit in Office Suite

This Patch Tuesday, Microsoft issues a fix for a zero-day vulnerability in the Office productivity suite that attackers were actively exploiting.

Office 365’s deskless worker package expands with new features

Microsoft is adding new capabilities to one of its cheapest enterprise plans for Office 365, in a push to capture a group of users traditionally underserved by the productivity suite.New to the Office 365 Enterprise K1 plan (the K stands for Kiosk) now includes 2GB of OneDrive for Business storage, along with access to Microsoft Teams, PowerApps and Flow. Users on the plan also get the ability to send instant messages using Skype for Business and participate in video meetings conducted over Skype Meeting Broadcast.[ Office 365 vs.

Google G Suite: Productivity smackdown • Collaboration smackdown • Management smackdown. | Our guide to Exchange-based tools in Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android: Desktop Outlook vs. mobile Outlook vs. native apps. ]
Expanding the capabilities of this plan is part of Microsoft’s continued push to make Office 365 useful for employees who don’t spend all day in front of a computer.

All of these capabilities are designed for people like retail employees and service workers.

The K1 plan is also priced at $4 per user per month, drastically lower than the company’s other enterprise subscriptions.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

25% off HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven – Deal Alert

Hot Logic Mini averages 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 1,800 people (87% rate a full 5 stars: read recent reviews).  A cross between a lunch bag and an oven, this personal, portable cooker is great for the office, job site, the campsite, the car, or anywhere you have an outlet.

The Hot Logic Mini will prepare fresh-cooked hot meals, reheated meals or perfectly cooked prepackaged meals without overcooked edges or frozen centers. Whether you're cooking uncooked, frozen chicken breasts with fresh beans on top or reheating last night's pizza, HotLogic will cook it and hold its temperature until you're ready to eat.
Its typical list price of $39.95 has been reduced, for now, to $29.95.
See this deal now on Amazon.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Microsoft’s Teams is almost excellent Slack-killer, and it’s now live for...

It's a remarkably fine version 1, but not quite the Web-IRC we were hoping for.

RunIQ review: New Balance goes after runners with Android Wear and...

Just because an athletic company made it doesn’t mean it’s made for athletes.

At US Patent Office, a mystery lingers: Who’s in charge?

Michelle Lee makes two official appearances, but there's still no official word.

Frank Abagnale, world-famous con-man, explains why technology won’t stop breaches

The man who once pretended to be a doctor explains identity theft to the health industry at HIMMS.

Scott Pruitt confirmed to head EPA in near-partisan vote

Dems won when a judge ordered trove of Pruitt e-mails released, but it didn’t last.

Behold the awesome office of the future

The office of the futureImage by JAKO5D via PixabayThe workplace environment known as “the office” has gone through a good deal of change over the years.

Consider the timeline of props: Typewriters.

File cabinets. Mimeographs.

Desktop computers.

Fax machines.


Exercise desks. Nap stations.

The coffee maker seems to have endured.

And, of course, the stapler.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Trump’s science advisor candidates both question climate change

Both scientists tapped as advisors support science, doubt its conclusions.