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Saturday, September 23, 2017
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DC Court of Appeals: even if you know the police can track you doesnrsquo;t mean they should.
Woman's torso floats ashore as Peter Madsen maintains innocence in Kim Wall's death.
"These devices are incredibly invasive and the government isnrsquo;t being transparent."
It's not like you can go to the police, eh? Dark web marketplace AlphaBay has dropped offline, sparking frenzied speculation that its admins may have disappeared for good after pocketing a swag bag of digital currency.

The outage may be down to a simple security update, if assurances offered through Reddit are true.…
After first trial, the bus has collected dust.

Beijing police have arrested 30 people.
An NFL cheerleader and US Army officer was celebratedmdash;until she was arrested.
Government seized and operated child porn site for 13 days, got IP addresses.
London, UK, June 9 2017 – Borough Market has established a trader support fund to help those individuals and businesses who have suffered losses as a result of its temporary closure.

The fund will be set up in partnership with United St.
Saviours and Better Bankside, and will provide financial assistance to members of the community who are dependent on the market.The market has remained closed since the attacks of 3rd June, while the police... Source: RealWire
Climate change makes a new chronic kidney disease worse, "and it will grow and grow.”
Meet a Bay Area lawyer who represents accused criminal hackers, including weev.
Staff association warns that systems 'increasingly' being used for personal reasons Coppers in England and Wales are "persistently" committing data breaches, according to the Police Federation's head of misconduct.…