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Shifting left is more than a catchy phrase. It's a mindset that emphasizes the need to think about security in all phases of the software development life cycle.
A company's ability to successfully reduce risk starts with building a solid security foundation.
PeopleSoft and WebLogic app servers, as well as cloud systems using WebLogic, hacked and used to net some $226K in digital currency.
In recent data theft campaigns, the APT group has been downloading malware from what appears to be legitimate Adobe URLs and IP addresses, ESET says.
An Office memory corruption vulnerability is the only CVE reported as under active attack for this month's Patch Tuesday.
Exclusive interview with Windows Security lead on how 2017 was a "return to retro" security threats and 2018 will bring increasingly targeted, advanced, and dangerous cyberattacks.
Bricked devices, penetration tests, and virtual reality were among the themes submitted in our latest holiday caption competition.

And the winners are ...
The deal expands Threatcare's business beyond its breach and attack simulation platform to include services and applied research.
Windows servers will see biggest degradation, as will Windows 7 and 8 client machines, Microsoft said.
We're fighting the good fight -- but, ultimately, losing the war.
VCs splashed a record $4B in funding in the cybersecurity pool - here are some highlights among the early- to middle-stage startups who snagged big deals last year.
There's a lot at stake when it comes to patching the hardware flaws.