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Security firm that disclosed flaws accuses chipmaker of downplaying flaws; says timeline is overly optimistic.
FBI investigating computer outages in the city's network possibly tied to Samsam-type ransomware variant.
A recent study shows that there's a clear winner in the 'most used sports mascot' password competition.
Suspects were operating on behalf of Iranian government and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, US officials said.
Data from the fourth quarter of last year shows the state of application exploits, malicious software, and botnets.
In the domain of cyber warfare, the effective strategies for fighting yesterday's cyberattacks will not work against tomorrow's, Internet infrastructure expert says.
Depending on traditional models makes cloud security more challenging for organizations, according to a Barracuda Networks report.
Man-in-the-browser attacks targeting Blockchain.info and Coinbase websites, SecurityScorecard says.
The nature of the field has changed greatly because of the move to the cloud and enterprise digital transformation.
Researchers at Black Hat Asia demonstrated how they used AWS honey tokens to detect security breaches at scale.
Spending bill includes election technology grants for states to shore up security of their voting systems, reports say.
Syncing security and product development early is now a "must do."