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The problem with having smart speakers and digital assistants in the workplace is akin to having a secure computer inside your office while its wireless keyboard is left outside for everyone to use.
While the average US security salary is $122,000, the average salary for people of color is $115,000, with men identifying as minorities making $6000 more than minority women.
Researchers at Black Hat Asia will demonstrate new framework they created for catching and studying Apple MacOS malware.
BlackTDS is a traffic distribution service for directing users to malware and exploit kits based on specific parameters.
New research shows security leaders have false confidence in their ability to respond to security incidents.
Failure to deploy measures to contain unauthorized intruders is a recipe for digital disaster.
CIO of a US business unit within Equifax had reportedly learned of the company's data breach and sold his shares for nearly $1 million.
An unnamed power company has consented to a record fine for leaving critical records exposed.
An attack doesn't have to be super high-tech to cause a lot of damage. Make sure your employees know how to spot an old-fashioned phishing campaign.
A trio of static accounts in EMR and billing software from DocuTrac can lead to serious vulnerabilities in sensitive data bases.
Forward-looking organizations should view this as an opportunity to reevaluate their cybersecurity posture and install best practices that should have already been in place.
A new report explores different ways legitimate and malicious coin miners are appearing in the enterprise.