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Executive firings, stock drops, and class action settlements galore, this year was a study in real-world repercussions for cybersecurity lapses.
Identity access management and security services to drive worldwide spending growth.
Design principles observed in nature serve as a valuable model to improve organizations' security approaches.
Remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Malware Protection Engine was found by UK spy agency's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).
More than nine years after it infected millions of systems worldwide, the malware continues to be highly active, according to a Trend Micro report.
More than 5,000 Android ransomware kit listings have been spotted so far this year, with the median price range hitting $200.
Offensive security researcher Joanna Rutkowska explains why trust in technology can put users at risk.
New research from University of Birmingham emphasizes importance of securing high-risk mobile apps.
Breach occurred just prior to bitcoin's debut on two major US exchanges, the AP reports.
Fictional Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is locked out of its electronic medical records, but in the real world, healthcare organizations face even greater risks.
Real-world incident response investigation data from CrowdStrike reveals attacker trends with fileless malware, ransomware, and other weapons.