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All of the critical vulnerabilities Microsoft patched on March 13 were within, and related to, browsers.
Israel-based firm says it found critical bugs in AMD's newest chip families.
As quantum computing approaches real-world viability, it also poses a huge threat to today's encryption measures.
All the tools are in place for the migration of SSL digital certificates on a scale that is unprecedented for the certificate authority industry.

Are you ready?
Attackers can exploit newly discovered critical crypto bug in CredSSP via a man-in-the-middle attack and then move laterally within a victim network.
While most companies have security infrastructure for on-premises servers, networks, and endpoints, too many are ignoring mobile security.

They'd better get moving.
Malware mash-ups hiding in encrypted traffic are boosting attack numbers and increasing the danger to data, according to recent reports.
A new study highlights major concerns of cybersecurity leaders in Asia, where most fear critical infrastructure attacks, advanced threats, and social engineering.
Cryptocurrency mining and ransomware were other major threats.
Avast discovers ShadowPad tool for use in apparent planned third stage of the targeted attack campaign.
A remote access Trojan, in use since 2016, has a new tactic: combining zip files with the SMB protocol to infect target systems.
A standout field with hysterical puns about security policies, Meltdown, Amazon Web Services, and the right to be forgotten.

And the winner is ...