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Tim Cook announces $1 billion investment in “advanced” US manufacturing

Apple also created a page highlighting the jobs it already supports in the US.

Imagination Technologies can’t resolve Apple IP spat, opens formal dispute

Starting in 2019, Apple will no longer use firm's designs.

Apple has a record $250 billion in the bank

Pressure for a huge acquisition—think Netflix or Tesla—may grow.

Uber’s app fingerprinted iPhone hardware, breaking App Store rules

Device fingerprinting was used to prevent account fraud.

Uber rejects claims iPhone app tracked users after being deleted

The practice eventually led to Apple CEO Tim Cook threatening to remove Uber from the App Store.

Qualcomm says Apple broke contract, hindered performance of its chipsets

Chipmaker demands "fair value for our technological contributions to the industry."

Imagining a new Mac Pro, the “iMac Pro,” and the future...

Apple says it's taking pro users' complaints seriously. We'll see.

IDG Contributor Network: IoT is going to kill your smartphones

I don't remember when I last used my phone.Seriously. No, really, I am not a tech-denying hipster who brags about using command line for everything or who uses technologies that are deemed ancient even by the Amish community's standards.
I don't liv...

Tim Cook: Augmented reality is the future, and fake news is...

While Apple CEO Tim Cook is looking forward to his company’s next big idea, which sounds like it’s going to be augmented reality-related, he’s also stunned by the tech industry’s inability to stem the tide of fake news.In between tours of schools and meetings with developers in a trip to Britain, Cook spoke excitedly about the potential of AR in Apple devices to The Independent, and was equally impassioned about the scourge of fake news in comments to The Telegraph.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Amazon’s former Fire TV director gets poached by Apple

New hire brings years of experience at Amazon, Roku, Netflix, and more.

Why does it cost 20 times as much to protect Mark...

Tech CEO crazy security spending rundown When Snap's filed documents last week for its IPO filing, among the interesting snippets that emerged was the cost of security for its CEO Evan Spiegel: a somewhat extraordinary $890,000.…

Apple, Google, and 95 other tech firms join forces to fight...

Companies say executive order is "overbroad…lacks any basis in precedent."