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Friday, November 24, 2017
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The company already has a ton of competition.

But it could arrive fashionably late.
Seriously what is even happening here.
Image from mobile AC-130 Gunship Simulator apparently came from a YouTube trailer.
Top Knot Detective, the "show"—delightfully derivative. | TKD, the filmmdash;wildly original.
The eighth episode of Star Wars is due out next month.
The first full trailer makes us cautiously optimistic.
Super Turrican: Director's Cut unearths the uncut 6 Mbit version of the game.
Elliot is back, so too is the high-wire filmmaking and haywire plot.
Like Force Awakens and A New Hope, but for the second part of this new trilogy.
John Boyega stars in a sequel about a new generation of Jaeger pilots.
DC finally enters cinema's modern superteam game on November 17.
We're impatiently awaiting US distribution details for this Fantastic Fest gem.