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Plus: New Mario Tennis, free online hide-and-seek for Mario Odyssey
Any chance the long wait is due to an expected book release? We offer thoughts.
First four partsmdash;Barbie, GI Joe, He-Man, Star Wars—hit the streaming service on Dec. 22.
"Even Michael Crichton on the set of Jurassic Park couldn't be this happy," says Ernest Cline.
The trailer takes itself deadly seriously, but its ideas are ridiculous.
The 30-second social media teaser trailer shows off a new stormtrooper weapon.
Plus, Link gets a motorcycle amid a bunch of other game announcements.
Premiering tonight at 10pm ET, itrsquo;s a uniquely modern TV comic adaptation.
It's an interactive game, not a movie, but the 1983 classic will be reimagined for today.
Licensed expansion almost counts as Valve's first "new" game in years.
Remastered ports could be a test run on similar Tegra hardware.
3D graphics meet 2D gameplay, eight years after Mega Man 10