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New Webhook and Graph API tools help to make it easier for developers to identify when an SSL/TLS certificate has been mis-issued.
Google publishes all the National Security Letters on its Transparency Report that it's been cleared to disclose.
Big changes coming for experience system and everything else
A new report calls for international collaboration to create more transparency with virtual currencies and track money used for cybercrime.
Updated Vulnerability Equities Process provides transparency into how government will handle new vulnerabilities that it discovers in vendor products and services.
A heads-up on some new features rolling out very shortly.
"The unusual formatting makes it appear that she is not using a government account."
Twitter: "We are committed to working every single day at solving this problem."
Annual spending has ramped up significantly since 2015.
Ethics used to be simpler to comprehend.

But digital technology changed everything. Unethical acts can be as easy as a mere mouse click, victims are only notional and remote, and the impact can be magnified to a global scale in a heartbeat.

Today, w...
Follows mounting congressional pressure about social media ads and disclosure.
Beleaguered security vendor fights back against Russian-spying claims with new transparency program aimed at assuaging concerns.