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Every year, Kaspersky Labrsquo;s experts look at the main cyberthreats facing connected businesses over the coming 12 months, based on the trends seen during the year.

For 2018, we decided to extract some top predictions that also have big implications for everyday connected life.
I attended some meetings and the NESMA seminar in Germany last week, and as I was looking at flight options from New York City, I saw one on Singapore Airlines. Of course, I jumped on it.
Singapore might be one of the only airlines where I don’t fee...
Market-first feature leverages mobile and sensor technology via PAREXEL’s ClinPhonereg; RTSM mobile app to prevent temperature-compromised medication from reaching clinical trial patientsBOSTON, October 27, 2017 – PAREXEL International Cor...
File-scrambling ransomware breeds through Windows networks via SMB, fake Flash Computers at Russian media outlets and Ukraine's transport hubs were among Windows PCs infected and shut down today by another fast-spreading strain of ransomware.…
You've been warned The Carnegie-Mellon Software Engineering Institute has nominated transport systems, machine learning, and smart robots as needing better risk and threat analysis.…
London, 16 October 2017 - State Secretary for the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Reynir Joacute;hannesson will open Datacloud Nordic in Oslo, Norway.

BroadGroup’s pioneering networking and business deal-making event for the data cente...
New laws will have to be written based on the level of automation you have.
Otto's head of HR: "I'm gonna go get your stuff destroyed this afternoon btw."
Google broadens HTTPS Strict Transport Security to Top Level Domains under its control and makes them secure by default.
All sites under Google's top-level domains will automatically support HTTP Strict Transport Security.
We want to see how Musk and SpaceX get to Mars from here.
Lyft has the network that OEMs like Ford need to enable their mobility plans.