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Professionally developed trojan posing as a stress reliever infects 40,000 PCs.
A new attack dropping the Quant Loader Trojan bypasses scanners and sandboxes.
Researchers are warning of a new email phishing campaign that launches a trojan capable of distributing ransomware and stealing passwords.
A malware family called Rarog is becoming an appealing and affordable entry point for hackers to run cryptocurrency mining campaigns, researchers say.

Pocket cryptofarms

In recent months, the topic of cryptocurrency has been a permanent news fixture — the value of digital money has been see-sawing spectacularly.
Such pyrotechnics could hardly have escaped the attention of scammers, which is why cryptocurrency fluctuations have gone hand in hand with all kinds of stories.

These include hacked exchanges, Bitcoin and Monero ransoms, and, of course, hidden mining.
The banking Trojan is back with a range of new capabilities.
A remote access Trojan, in use since 2016, has a new tactic: combining zip files with the SMB protocol to infect target systems.
Gozi IFSB banking Trojan has rolled out new code, a new botnet and a high level of customization in the latest wave of attacks.
FlawedAmmyy campaign is thought to be the work of a prolific hacking group that has been distributing the malware via phishing emails.
Overall, Kaspersky Lab reported that the total number of mobile malware attacks grew in 2017, though multiple categories of mobile malware declined.
Botnet distribution added to attacks which are crafted to hijack email threads - by attackers who are now experimenting with also delivering crytpocurrency mining malware.

Mining is the new black

Last year we published a story revealing the rise of miners across the globe.

At the time we had discovered botnets earning millions of USD. We knew this was just the beginning of the story, which turned out to develop rapidly.