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The price review is an important tool for delivering trust in water. PR19 provides the framework for a resilient long-term future for the industry, providing more of what matters to customers at a price they can afford and are willing to pay. PR19 is p...
The Zero Trust Security approach could empower organizations and protect their customers in ways that go far beyond typical security concerns.
The new 'Charter of Trust' aims to make security a key element of the digital economy, critical infrastructure.
Ancient bird poop is surprisingly good at giving answers.
Many machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) systems lack the ability to explain how they work and make decisions—and this is a major trust inhibitor.They can find patterns in data that elude us, patterns that might reveal important relati...
No probs, says Huawei: It's a big world, we don't need America Don't trust the Chinese – that seemed to be the theme at Tuesday's open US Senate Intelligence Committee hearings on Capitol Hill.…
Forrester breaks down how Zero Trust eXtended can impact your organization.
In the way it undercuts trust, fake news is a form of cyberattack.

Governments must work to stop it.
John Perry Barlow October 3rd 1947 – February 7th 2018 If we are lucky, we may find ourselves in just the right place, at just the right time, peering down the barrel at the future history of humanity. For those of us lucky enough to steal a glimpse...
Police reportedly seize 100,000 bitcoins, valued at nearly $840 million.
Infraud is the biggest online fraud enterprise ever prosecuted by US prosecutors.