Thursday, December 14, 2017
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The buck stops... somewhere in Ukraine, Turkey, Japan? As the dust settles from Tuesday's Bad Rabbit ransomware outbreak, it's already clear that it is far less severe than the WannaCrypt and NotPetya infections from earlier this year.…

Bad Rabbit ransomware

On October 24th we observed notifications of mass attacks with ransomware called Bad Rabbit.
It has been targeting organizations and consumers, mostly in Russia but there have also been reports of victims in Ukraine.
Highly advanced "Bad Rabbit" hits train stations, airport, and media.
Also, the US negotiates fighter jet purchase contracts on our behalf Britain’s F-35B fighter jets currently cost around $123m each – and British officials are quite content that the only engine overhaul facility for the stealth aircraft’s engines is lo...
Advance warning favors preparedness, but 1992 hurricane still ran up $90 million bill.
One mistake can cascade into a disaster in heavy marine traffic, regardless of tech.
Turkey twizzlers, chicken drumsticks and fish fingers.

Bring back memories? These frozen dinner staples have long been used to get parents out of a squeeze at dinner time, but how many parents still resort to making these uninspired choices when it com...
In mid-July 2017, we found a new modification of the well-known mobile banking malware family Svpeng –
In this modification, the cybercriminals have added new functionality: it now also works as a keylogger, stealing entered text through the use of accessibility services.
At Gouml;bekli Tepe in Turkey, a 11,500 year-old monumental construction was decorated with human skulls.
If Turks want to understand biology, theyrsquo;ll have to wait for college.
Wcry uses weapons-grade exploit published by the NSA-leaking Shadow Brokers.
A no-laptops rule might be imposed on flights from Europe to the US.