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Democrat asks FCC chair if anything can stop net neutrality rollback

Ajit Pai ignoring evidence that net neutrality helps businesses, lawmaker says.

Why are so many pre-existing IPs turning to TV? It’s complicated

At ATX Television Fest, execs discuss why familiar franchises keep hitting small screens.

Amazon Spark is a product discovery social network that looks like Instagram

Amazon makes it easier to shop for desirable products you see in photos.

Microsoft will help ISPs bring wireless Internet to 12 US states

Microsoft invests in white space networks, offers royalty-free access to patents.

Castlevania on Netflix falls one whip short of a good crack

A few quality bits, but bizarre game conversion is somehow too short and too long.

Cable TV companies can charge higher prices thanks to new court...

Court upholds FCC decision that said cable TV faces competition nationwide.

ATT: forced arbitration isnrsquo;t “forcedrdquo; because no one has to buy...

To avoid ATT arbitration, your only choice is to not be a customer.

If Ferrari built an M3: The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

This might be the best four-door performance car on sale right now.

Democrats urge Trump administration to block ATT/Time Warner merger

Senate Democrats: “Mega conglomeraterdquo; could punish rivals and harm consumers.

American Gods may be the best show about religion on TV

Looking back on the first season of the show, its philosophical arc becomes clear.

Sony’s PlayLink links your phone to your PS4 for multiplayer minigame...

The second screen concept is back, only this time it might actually be worth it.

HDR and video games: Ars leaves E3 with more questions than...

HDR looks great in applicable games, but newer game consoles blew a big E3 opportunity.