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Twitter users blocked by Trump sue, claim @realDonaldTrump is public forum

Lawsuit adopts a unique constitutional theory about social media rights.

After bet between billionaires, South Australia buys 129MWh Tesla battery

The system will power 30,000 homes, charge with electricity from a nearby wind farm.

CNN implied threat against redditor over Trump-CNN GIF ignites Internet

After extracting apology from “HanAs**holeSolordquo;, CNN reserves right to expose him.

Report: Valve’s former augmented reality system is no more

CastAR creators have yet to confirm Polygon report of downturn, liquidation.

“Covfefe”—there’s a congressional act for that now

Proposed legislation seeks to bar a US president from deleting tweets.

Citing Trump’s tweet, appeals court rules against president’s travel ban

Trump tweeted that the banned countries, not their people, are inherently dangerous.

Correction: Undercounted usage data in our Xbox Unleashed analysis

Response from Microsoft has led us to amend portions of our analysis.

Witcher developer: Thieves want ransom for leaked Cyberpunk 2077 docs

Files are from the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world RPG based on a 1990 PC title.

IDG Contributor Network: IT planning is dead

I recently attended a Forrester conference about digital transformation.
In the midst of one of the sessions, I couldnrsquo;t contain myself and posted a tweet that went like this:Planning is dead. “We donrsquo;t know what we donrsquo;t know.” The world is #Agile. #FORRdigitalNow, I must confess I donrsquo;t tweet a lot.
It takes true inspiration for me to dig out my Twitter app and say something to the twitterverse. Usually nobody takes much note anyway.

But this tweet got a curiously enthusiastic reception.

Comments of excited affirmation. Retweets. Likes.

I felt I was getting high-fived for saying something everyone is thinking, but couldnrsquo;t quite put into 100 characters.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Twitter Flaw Could Have Allowed Attacker to Tweet From Any Account

Twitter fixed a flaw in its Twitter Ads service could have allowed an attacker to tweet as any user.

Twitter flaw allowed you to tweet from any account

All this time, a rather simple Twitter bug could have caused chaos on the platform.

Virulent WCry ransomware worm may have North Korea’s fingerprints on it

Identical code ties Fridayrsquo;s attacks to hacks on Sony Pictures and $1bn bank heist.