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“Covfefe”—there’s a congressional act for that now

Proposed legislation seeks to bar a US president from deleting tweets.

Citing Trump’s tweet, appeals court rules against president’s travel ban

Trump tweeted that the banned countries, not their people, are inherently dangerous.

Correction: Undercounted usage data in our Xbox Unleashed analysis

Response from Microsoft has led us to amend portions of our analysis.

Witcher developer: Thieves want ransom for leaked Cyberpunk 2077 docs

Files are from the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world RPG based on a 1990 PC title.

IDG Contributor Network: IT planning is dead

I recently attended a Forrester conference about digital transformation.
In the midst of one of the sessions, I couldnrsquo;t contain myself and posted a tweet that went like this:Planning is dead. “We donrsquo;t know what we donrsquo;t know.” The world is #Agile. #FORRdigitalNow, I must confess I donrsquo;t tweet a lot.
It takes true inspiration for me to dig out my Twitter app and say something to the twitterverse. Usually nobody takes much note anyway.

But this tweet got a curiously enthusiastic reception.

Comments of excited affirmation. Retweets. Likes.

I felt I was getting high-fived for saying something everyone is thinking, but couldnrsquo;t quite put into 100 characters.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Twitter Flaw Could Have Allowed Attacker to Tweet From Any Account

Twitter fixed a flaw in its Twitter Ads service could have allowed an attacker to tweet as any user.

Twitter flaw allowed you to tweet from any account

All this time, a rather simple Twitter bug could have caused chaos on the platform.

Virulent WCry ransomware worm may have North Korea’s fingerprints on it

Identical code ties Fridayrsquo;s attacks to hacks on Sony Pictures and $1bn bank heist.

Alan Wake will be removed from digital stores after this weekend

Expiring music licenses means modern classic can no longer be sold for download.

Google Duo’s audio call feature is now available for all users...

It didn't take long for Duo to become more than just a video-chat app.

How police unmasked suspect accused of sending seizure-inducing tweet

Defendant's iCloud account contained "the exact" GIF used in the crime, cops say.

Virtual machine escape fetches $105,000 at Pwn2Own hacking contest [updated]

Hack worked by stitching together three separate exploits.