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Friday, November 24, 2017
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"We are conducting a full internal review."
Google invited users to test the new feature on iOS 10 or higher.
Police chief: Parody “threatened to damage the reputationrdquo; of police department.
Yet another reminder that when a service is free, you are the product.
Mixup shows that even company officials can be fooled by look-alike names.
Group known for claiming responsibility for hacking Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter account and the WikiLeaks' DNS attack says it's behind the Vevo breach.
A white supremacist featured in a Charlottesville documentary canrsquo;t use OKC anymore.
Many fear being outed from photos, but now the real cyber game against "alt-right" begins.
The "demake" trend gets twisted with a touch of ARG (alternate reality game) panache.
Friends and family haven't heard from Marcus Hutchins in almost 24 hours.
Russian security firms' metadata found in files, according to WikiLeaks and others.
Square spokeswoman: “We have no comment on this.”