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"We are conducting a full internal review."
Ads bash Clinton before election and cap on Trump after he won the presidency.
Eptica research finds top brands successfully answer just 44% of all queries Reading, 1 November 2017, UK brands are struggling to cope with a rising volume of queries and growing consumer expectations, according to the Eptica Multichannel Customer Con...
Tuesday's hearing in the Senate marks the first of several hearings involving the tech giants and how Russian-backed hackers and propagandists used their services to spread misinformation and false news.
Twitter: "We are committed to working every single day at solving this problem."
The tech giants are in Washington to talk about Russian 'disinformation online' and to discuss solutions for fighting it.
Google, Facebook, and Twitter reveal how Russian agents reached millions of US voters before the 2016 election.
Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Collusion... allegedly Analysis  Where to begin?…
We scared up our most popular stories on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
Appeals court says silencing online speech over trademark suit is unconstitutional.
Emoji fragmentation of a small stakes, culinary variety.
Stone fired off a profanity-laced tirade against a CNN reporter.