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Dealmaster: Get a Dell 43-inch 4K multi-client monitor for just $854

Plus deals on smart thermostats, portable drives, smart TVs, and more.

Original StarCraft is finally free-as-in-beer after delayed patch

Version 1.18 now live for Windows and Mac, will be compatible with summer remaster.

What Xbox Scorpio developers can learn from the world of PC...

Microsoft's console devs are learning how to target multiple hardware specs.

Dealmaster: Get $10 when you sign up for a 30-day Amazon...

$10 in Amazon money for trying out its music platform! What a deal.

Xbox Scorpio: Are its 4K chops masking a change of VR...

Some unanswered questions leave us perplexed.

Analysis: What Xbox One Scorpio means for the future of the...

Get ready for semi-regular hardware upgrades in a more solid ecosystem.

Xbox One Project Scorpio specs: 12GB GDDR5, 6 teraflops, native 4K...

Release date and pricing yet to be announced—but expect it to be expensive.

IDG Contributor Network: Samsung’s IoT devices are a hacker’s dreamland

I love IoT.
I also love mixed reality, and I can see how the two will transform the world around us and take us out of this ugly mess of laptops and smartphones, etc.

But IoT vendors like Samsung are ruining it for me, and for everyone else.Samsung makes its money by manufacturing and selling devices. I love Samsung hardware and an own couple of their IoT devices, but I despise their software.

Their attempt to create their own crappy and substandard replacement of Google software is hurting the company.Samsung is ruining IoT for me.According to Israeli researcher Amihai Neiderman, Samsung's Linux-based Tizen OS has more than 40 zero-day flaws. Many of these allow an attacker to remotely compromise Tizen OS powered devices.

Tizen OS powers Samsung’s smart devices, including my 4K TV.

There are millions of IoT devices running on Tizen OS, and all of these devices are vulnerable, including my Smart TV.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

This is what emulated Breath of the Wild looks like at...

CEMU emulator upscales the Wii U version on a PC very nicely.

Planet Earth II is “need a new TV” propaganda—if you get...

How do you feel about lemur eyes so pristine and bright, they stare into your soul?

21% off Roku Premiere+ Streaming Media Player – Deal Alert

Get powerful performance, stunning 4K and HDR picture quality, and an advanced remote for an amazing streaming experience.

The new Roku Premiere+ is for HD & 4K Ultra HD TVs.
It delivers ultra-smooth quad-core streaming, brilliant 4K resolution at 60fps, vibrant HDR color, access to 450,000+ movies and TV episodes across 4,500+ paid or free channels, and a handy point anywhere remote.  The Roku Premiere+ list price has been reduced a significant 21% to $79. See the deal now on Amazon.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

46% off HDMI Female to Female Coupler 2-Pack, Gold Plated High...

Here's an adapter that's always good to have on hand. Pop one of them on the end of an HDMI cable and extend your back-of-the-tv HDMI port around front where it's easier to access. Or use them to couple multiple HDMI cables together for extended reach.
Supports 3D and 4k signals.

The list price of $10.99 has been reduced 46% to just $5.89 for the two-pack. See this deal now on Amazon.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here