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Once the stuff of spy novels, supply chain attacks are becoming common.
This case marks the first successful prosecution of cybercriminals in Ukraine, the organization reports.
​Gennadiy Kapkanov, suspected of running one of the world's largest malware networks, nabbed in Ukraine.
Press secretary says Russia will face “international consequences.”
After NotPetya and severe blackouts, Ukrenergo responds with an investment in cybersecurity.

Every little bitcoin helps

It often happens that inventions and technologies that start out good end up turning into dangerous tools in the hands of criminals.

Blockchain is no exception to this rule, especially in its most common cryptocurrency incarnation.

The attacks targeted employees of small companies, but such emails could be sent to any userrsquo;s personal mail.
Data map inadvertently reveals movements of people in dangerous and sensitive places.
Cyberattack last June aimed to disrupt Ukraine's financial system.
A one-megawatt installation is planned; gigawatt installations could follow it.