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Thursday, November 23, 2017
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DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft to drop lawsuit after DOJ gag order policy change; Arm introduces IoT Platform Security Architecture at TechCon 2017; Bad Rabbit ransomware spreads across Ukraine, Russia; and there's more.
The buck stops... somewhere in Ukraine, Turkey, Japan? As the dust settles from Tuesday's Bad Rabbit ransomware outbreak, it's already clear that it is far less severe than the WannaCrypt and NotPetya infections from earlier this year.…
Attack employs new version of infamous NotPetya ransomware used in June attacks on Ukraine targets.
A ransomware attack called BadRabbit has put a halt to business inside a handful of Russian and Ukrainian businesses.

Bad Rabbit ransomware

On October 24th we observed notifications of mass attacks with ransomware called Bad Rabbit.
It has been targeting organizations and consumers, mostly in Russia but there have also been reports of victims in Ukraine.
Highly advanced "Bad Rabbit" hits train stations, airport, and media.
File-scrambling ransomware breeds through Windows networks via SMB, fake Flash Computers at Russian media outlets and Ukraine's transport hubs were among Windows PCs infected and shut down today by another fast-spreading strain of ransomware.…
Organisations in Russia, Ukraine and other countries have fallen victim to what are thought to be a new variant of ransomware.
A new ransomware attack with similar characteristics to the NotPetya and WannaCry attacks has hit public infrastructure in the Ukraine and impacted other countries across Europe.
Your periodic reminder: Google is chronically unable to detect untrustworthy apps.
In May 2017, Kaspersky Lab researchers discovered a forum post advertising ATM malware that was targeting specific vendor ATMs.

The forum contained a short description of a crimeware kit designed to empty ATMs with the help of a vendor specific API, without interacting with ATM users and their data.

The price of the kit was 5000 USD at the time of research.
Russian Business Network alumni still very much in business, research suggests VB2017  Some bulletproof hosting (BPH) operations – wellspring of all manner of online villainy – are moving their operations to the disputed territories of eastern Ukraine and Transnistria on the Moldovan border.…