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Yeah, WannaCry hit Windows, but what about the WannaCry of apps?

Patching done proper WannaCrypt crippled 230,000 Windows PCs internationally, hitting unpatched Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 and computers still running Microsoft's seriously old Windows XP, though the latter wasn't responsible for its spread.…

Scanner Shows EternalBlue Vulnerability Unpatched on Thousands of Machines

Data collected from the freely available scanner called EternalBlues shows that tens of thousands of computers remain vulnerable to the SMBv1 vulnerability that spawned WannaCry and ExPetr.

RiskIQ Researchers Track E-commerce Threat Magecart Part II, Discover Network of...

New report uncovers a direct link to the outcome of stolen credit cards, offering rare insight into the physical world operations of actors tied to digital threats LONDON, UK – July 12, 2017 – In October of last year, the RiskIQ Threat Research team released "Compromised E-commerce Sites Lead to 'Magecart," a report profiling the e-commerce threat they discovered and dubbed 'Magecart,' which injects JavaScript code into e-commerce sites running outdated and unpatched versions of... Source: RealWire

NotPetya developers obtained NSA exploits weeks before their public leak

Evidence ties people behind massive malware attack to mysterious Shadow Brokers group.

Petya: The poison behind the latest ransomware attack

Unpatched Windows machines are getting hammered again by a new ransomware attacker.

South Korean hosting co. pays $1m ransom to end eight-day outage

Talked scum down from $4.4m after they waltzed through unpatched legacy mess A South Korean web hosting company is forking out just over US$1 million to ransomware scum after suffering more than eight days of nightmare.…

NSA’s EternalBlue Exploit Ported to Windows 10

Researchers have ported the EternalBlue exploit to Windows 10, meaning that any unpatched version of Windows can be affected by the NSA attack.

Ars asks: What IT bugaboos keep you up at night?

Wersquo;ve got a survey, and wersquo;d love to know your thoughts on the scary side of IT.

Last week: ‘OpenVPN client is secure!’ This week: ‘Unpatched bug in OpenVPN...

And it's a nasty one if the user you crack has admin rights French security outfit Sysdream has gone public with a vulnerability in the admin interface for OpenVPN's server.…

Survey: Unpatched Windows OS on the Rise

Despite the rise in vulnerabilities, the percentage of unpatched Windows operating systems grew in the first quarter compared to the previous year.

WannaCry FAQ: What you need to know today

Friday May 12th marked the start of the dizzying madness that has been ‘WannaCryrsquo;, the largest ransomware infection in history.

Defenders have been running around trying to understand the malwarersquo;s capabilities.
In the process, a lot of wires have gotten crossed and we figured itrsquo;s time to sit down and set the record straight on what we know, what we wish we knew, and what the near future might hold for us going forward.

WCry is so mean Microsoft issues patch for 3 unsupported Windows...

Decommissioned for years, Windows XP, 8, and Server 2003 get emergency update.