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Half of Android Devices Unpatched Last Year

Google said half of Android devices are unpatched and that percentage of potentially harmful apps on phones installed from all sources rose in 2016.

Google Nest: Unpatched bug lets intruders use Bluetooth to stop cameras...

What good is a surveillance camera that sees but doesn't record?

Vastly improve your IT security in 2 easy steps

It’s a rough number, but I’d wager that 99 percent of computer security risk in most organizations can be attributed to two root causes:...

Cisco Warns of Critical Vulnerability Revealed in ‘Vault 7’ Data Dump

Cisco said an unpatched critical vulnerability exposed by WikiLeaks' Vault 7 release of CIA documents could give an attacker full control of the targeted...

Nintendo Switch ships with unpatched 6-month-old WebKit vulnerabilities

Enlarge / A proof-of-concept that exploits WebKit vulnerabilities on Nintendo's Switch. (credit: qwertyoruiop) Nintendo's Switch has been out for almost two weeks, which...

Unpatched Western Digital Bugs Leave NAS Boxes Open to Attack

Western Digital NAS owners were warned of critical flaws in the company’s My Cloud line of hardware that opened up data stored on those...

4 strategies to root out your security risks

You’ll never reduce your security risk if you can’t identify and mitigate the root causes of those vulnerabilities. It isn’t enough to have a...

Unpatched SMB Zero Day Easily Exploitable

Researchers claim the unpatched SMB zero day that affects Windows can be exploited a number of ways.

Google Releases Details of Unpatched Microsoft Flaws

Microsoft missed patching two vulnerabilities in time to meet Google's 90-day deadline, so Google released details of a security issue in Microsoft's software.

Google reports “high-severity” bug in Edge/IE, no patch available

Enlarge (credit: Ccetsnakebite) A member of Google's Project Zero security research team has disclosed a high-severity vulnerability in Microsoft's Edge and Internet Explorer...

Flexera Report Reveals PCs at Risk from Unpatched Software

PCs in the U.S. and around the world are still running unpatched and End-of-Life software, exposing users to security risks.

Google Discloses Another ‘High Severity’ Microsoft Bug

Google’s security researchers disclosed details of an unpatched Microsoft vulnerability in its Edge and Internet Explorer browsers.