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Windows patches are fixed, but microcode updates are causing even more trouble.
Exploit published in December makes cracking unpatched Oracle servers easy.
Message client vendors have had 25 years to get RFC 1342 right Penetration tester Sabri Haddouche has reintroduced the world to email source spoofing, bypassing spam filters and protections like Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Confor...
New Peoplesoft JoltAndBleed vulnerabilities could potentially enable an attacker to leak information and gain control of an unpatched system.
DoSsing for fun and profit not just a 'nuisance', they warn Security researchers have said they've uncovered a new way for hackers to crash Brother printers.…
Trustwave discloses an unpatched vulnerability in Brother printers with the Debut embedded webserver after numerous attempts to contact the vendor failed.