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Tech demo shows Scorpio’s superior graphics at both 4K and 1080p

The much more powerful GPU enables better textures, better models, and better anti-aliasing.

Microsoft cuts off 40 percent of Windows phones with Creators Update...

Our review of the Creators Update for Windows 10 Mobile may have shown it to be a half-hearted update at best, but a substantial portion of Microsoft's base of installed phones won't even have a chance to experience it.A report by AdDuplex, an ad ne...

Verizon bungles launch of $70 gigabit plan, which costs more than...

The real price varies by customer and depends on what you pay Verizon today.

Rooby language unites Go, Ruby

The Go and Ruby languages are partnered in the Rooby language intended for efficient development of microservices.The object-oriented language has Ruby's syntax and is written in Go.
It's for developing microservices that should be performant and ea...

NautaDutilh N.V. Selects Ascertus Limited for iManage Work Support and Maintenance

Ascertus to assist NautaDutilh in modernising working environment with upgrade to latest version of iManage Work Product Management SystemLondon, U.K., 19 April 2017 – NautaDutilh N.V., the Benelux-based law firm, has awarded the contract for support and maintenance of the iManage Work Product Management system, the next generation of email and document management system, to Ascertus Limited.

Ascertus provides document and information lifecycle management solutions to law firms and corporate legal departments.

Ascertus will play... Source: RealWire

CoffeeScript upgrade refocuses on JavaScript standards

CoffeeScript, which attempts to make it easier to program in JavaScript, has a newly released beta version that features ECMAScript 2015+ support.The currently downloadable 2.0 beta offers ES2015+ syntax, where ES2015+ is recognized as ECMAScript 2015 and later features.

ECMAScript is the official specification underlying JavaScript.

The upgrade breaks compatibility with certain CoffeeScript 1 features to conform with ES2015+, according to coffeescript.org’s bulletin.[ Use JavaScript in your dev shop? InfoWorld looks at 17 JavaScript editors and IDEs and 22 JavaScript frameworks ready for adoption. | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld’s App Dev Report newsletter. ]“Since the CoffeeScript 2 compiler outputs ES2015+ syntax, it is your responsibility to either ensure that your target JavaScript runtime(s) support all these features, or that you pass the output through another transpiler like Babel, Rollup, or Traceur Compiler,” the bulletin says.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Navy drone software brings us one step closer to robot-filled skies

Software, including air traffic awareness and collision avoidance, passes Navy test.

New React version promises near-native performance

Facebook's plans for its React JavaScript library include rewriting the library's internals to improve visual performance and make web apps more like native ones.The React 16 upgrade will feature Fiber, a new reconciliation algorithm that improves r...

New processors are now blocked from receiving updates on old Windows

The promised update block is now in effect.

Fighting Falcon puts off retirement: F-16 to fly for USAF through...

Lockheed Martin gets order to upgrade F-16s for 12,000 flight-hour life.

Netflix’s HTTPS Update Can’t Combat Passive Traffic Analysis Attacks

Academics argue that Netflix's recent upgrade to HTTPS is doing little to protect its users from a passive traffic analysis attack.

Microsoft’s next hardware event: NYC, May 2—and no, no Surface Phone

The event will be education focused, with hardware and software news.