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Joint Special Operations Command ran campaign against ISIS, Al Qaeda for at least 6 years.
Ex-NRO bod also allegedly swiped $340k of espionage kit plus classified files The FBI has raided the home of US intelligence contractor John Weed who is suspected of leaking classified blueprints online via a fake Facebook account.…
IP addresses, malware techniques used to make PyeongChang network were struck by Kim regime.
There was speculation that US government concerns killed Huawei deals with ATT and Verizon for the Mate 10 Pro. Now, statements from US intelligence chiefs to Congress confirm those concerns.
AIVD shared data on "Cozy Bear" with US, helping thwart 2014 State Department hack.
As long as you know the right URL, anyone with access to the internet could retrieve all the data that was left online by marketing analytics company Alteryx.

This is the second major exposure of data stored and improperly managed in the Amazon Web ...
Gigabytes of Army, NSA files found out in the open online A classified toolkit for potentially accessing US military intelligence networks was left exposed to the public internet, for anyone to find, according to security researchers today.…