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Ex-NSA bod sues US govt for ‘illegally spying’ on Americans: We...

Friend, do we have a bizarre legal battle for you Analysis  In an extraordinary and expansive lawsuit, former CIA and NSA contractor Dennis Montgomery has teamed up with the lawyer who brought down the NSA's mass surveillance operation – Larry Klayman – to sue all the US intelligence services and their former and current heads personally, as well as former president Barack Obama, for illegal surveillance.…

US intelligence chiefs want controversial spying law, set to expire, to...

Intelligence agency heads are pushing Congress to renew the controversial surveillance law for the first time since the Edward Snowden disclosures in 2013.

Encryption leaves authorities ‘not in a good place’: Former US intelligence...

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has said there needs to be a form of encryption developed that protects privacy, but one that authorities can access.

Security company finds unsecured bucket of US military images on AWS

You're only as secure as your suppliers and some military contractors look to be well leaky “Cyber resiliencerdquo; company UpGuard claims to have found a publicly-accessible AWS S3 bucket full of classified US intelligence data.…

E-mails phished from Russian critic were “tainted” before being leaked

Campaign targeting more than 200 people also spread disinformation, report says.

AI, IoT and the end of Moore’s Law add to US...

US intelligence experts set out their list of potential threats - with technology risks high on the list.

US Intelligence “transparency report” reveals breadth of surveillance by NSA, others

Over 151 million call records collected to track 42 targets under new "limited" access arrangement.

Palantir settles US charges that it discriminated against Asian engineers

"We disagree with the allegations made by the Department of Labor."

We’re spying on you for your own protection, says NSA, FBI

Except we're not, of course, because that would be illegal A new factsheet by the NSA and FBI has laid bare ludicrous contradictions in how US intelligence agencies choose to interpret a law designed to prevent spying on American citizens, but which they use to achieve exactly that end.…

FBI confirms probe of possible collusion between Trump campaign, Russia

FBI director testifies about Trump Tower wiretap, investigation of Trump campaign.

Assange accuses CIA of “historic act of devastating incompetence”

Assange: Cache of cyber weapons was passed around "out of control" by contract hackers.

Nominee for top intelligence post “shocked” by Indian satellite launch

"We’ve seen now 11 nations that have the capacity to launch instruments into space.”