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There's now yet another way that hackers are getting cryptocurrency mining code running on end-user systems.
A critical buffer overflow vulnerability affecting Windows users has been fixed.
These are the stories that had our readers talkingmdash;a lot. One is also among the most-read
Op-ed: Changes to law shielding websites from liability for user posts should be minor.
Community and MaidSafe will contribute MaidSafeCoin to winning projectsAyr, SCOTLAND, December 22nd 2017 – MaidSafe, the developer of the world’s first and only autonomous data network, has launched a Community Programme (CEP) following a s...
And the built-in protection against this technique doesnrsquo;t work on all hardware.
New Play Store rules give developers one year to adopt any new Android changes.
In an earlier publication we noted that cybercriminals were making use of social engineering to install this sort of software on usersrsquo; computers.

This time, wersquo;d like to dwell more on how exactly the computers of gullible users start working for cybercriminals.
Balazs Horanyi is an engineer and data scientist at Stream. These days, when it comes to capturing and holding an audience’s attention you must deliver the most relevant content possible. Whether searching for jobs or something more important, like...
Privacy Badger grazes on cookies, but DoNotTrack? Nobody cares Looking for browser privacy? A group of researchers in France and Japan say RequestPolicyContinued and NoScript have the toughest policies, while Ghostery and uBlock Origin offer good block...
There’s a narrative shaping up from some key voices in Silicon Valley who are pointing to venture capital as the modern-day equivalent of indentured servitude. We’ve all seen the effects: seed funding and Series A rounds leading to enormous pressure...
The browser itself isn't a store app. Just the installer.