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Thursday, November 23, 2017
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One site has enabled 180,000 calls to Congress in a single day.
Increasing the number of devices to which Verizon can stream football games.
Comcast or Verizon could buy Fox Studios and cable networks.
Moscow-based AV provider challenges claims it helped Russian spies.
Mobile lobby says FCC should enforce "non-regulation" policy throughout nation.

CompuServe Forums, RIP

Over two decades of discussion and bad advice about to be deleted.
FCC will let carriers abandon copper lines without offering adequate replacements.
We’re coming into the holidays and the end of the year, a natural time to think about everything that could go wrong in the new year. Here’s what I’m going to worry about in 2018, and what other developers should worry about too!If you thought that ...
Joins Equifax and Verizon execs to explain pitiful security Poor Marissa Mayer.

After selling off Yahoo! and floating away on her golden parachute, she must have been looking for a nice rest.

But US Congress wanted her to explain how every single user ...
Broadcom would become the world's third-largest chipmaker, behind Intel and Samsung.
The HP Elite x3 happens to be a pretty nice phone if you're into platforms with no future.
FCC should declare state broadband laws invalid, Verizon tells commission.