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Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Verizon says basestation dumps increasingly popular US telecoms giant Verizon says police are increasingly asking it to cough up massive dumps of cellphone data rather than individual records.…
Republicans want a "slower, censored, and more expensive Internet," group says.
There's only been one formal net neutrality complaint, and FCC hasn't ruled on it.
ATT and Verizon can charge more for business data, but lawsuit is still pending.
Google's augmented reality phones take forever to release, for whatever reason.
Verizon targeted ads program shares lots of personal data.
Get $150 off the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a trade-in, plus other great deals.
Sprint wanted to merge with Chartermdash;or T-Mobile.
FCC has no comment on petition to investigate Verizon slowing video to 10Mbps.
Ajit Pai ignoring evidence that net neutrality helps businesses, lawmaker says.
Lawmaker schedules hearing with goal of replacing FCC's net neutrality rules.
The recent Verizon breach - data exposed by an insecure Amazon S3 bucket - highlights the need for enterprises to have visibility into how partners and other stakeholders keep their data secure.