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Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft all affected by “intentionalrdquo; BGP mishap.
The financial services giant has launched its 2020 and beyond roadmap first in Australia, focusing initially on biometrics for payment authorisation, '3-D Secure' fraud detection, and pushing the use of tokenisation.
ICE invited tech firms to make algorithms that will track immigrantsrsquo; social media.
Credit bureau held card data for transactions dating back to November 2016.
Get $150 off the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a trade-in, plus other great deals.
Payment company opens new data centres to meet growing demand for digital payments and support the development of new capabilities in this space.
Hire American? Businesses can use H-2B visas if they claim "irreparable harm."
Congress allowed the government to scan faces of foreign nationals to keep track of visa overstays.

But now that's set to be extended to Americans, worrying some privacy advocates.
Obama-era rule would grant immigration “parolerdquo; for those with $250,000 in capital.
Good: Tax cuts, visa reform, IP protection.

Bad: “Exclusionaryrdquo;policies
Chicago – June 09, 2017 – Caesars Entertainment, Chilirsquo;s Grill & Bar, Cisco, Colorado Department of Transportation and Visa are among the winners of the 2017 North American Employee Engagement Awards (EE Awards) in association with CultureNextreg; by Maritz Motivation Solutions.

The full list of the winners and those who were highly commended can be found below.

They received their award at a ceremony that followed a conference on Employee Engagement in Chicago yesterday.The Conference... Source: RealWire
Given the current political climate, the future of the H-1B visa program is cloudy, at best.

All indications point to tighter eligibility for potential employees, increased application costs and delays in processing.This forecast leads some to scream, “The sky is falling!” They predict apocalyptic conditions where enterprises scale back innovation and progress due to increased constraints for software engineers. Others have suggested a swing back to wholesale offshoring of development projects.All politics aside, the H-1B program was never the answer.
It never would have fixed the problem it was created to solve: providing enough software engineers to satisfy the demand for these talents in an environment where every company must build software and technology as part of its core business.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here