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Coinhive API increasingly pops up in top 3 million websites A total of 2,531 of the top 3 million websites (1 in 1,000) are running the Coinhive miner, according to new stats from analytics firm Red Volcano.…
Most mass extinctions began with vast convulsions of Earthrsquo;s interiormdash;can we detect that?
Users see white noise, attackers see whatever they just stole from you It's the kind of thinking you expect from someone who lives in a volcano lair: exfiltrating data from remote screen pixel values.…
Life in the crater of a volcano whose ash once covered the world.
Scientistsrsquo; numerical models and chemistry map geothermal fields, regulate use.
And we borrowed the moon Europa to image it from Earth.
Maybe it’s the lower oxygen levels, but Mauna Kea's summit feels otherworldly.