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If you thought cheating was widespread across the industry, you're probably right.
A brief history of Pikes Peak and why VW wants to win it so bad.
It plans to build 3 million electric cars a year by 2025.
Lithium-ion batteries needed in all sorts of electronics use cobalt.
One function reportedly "switched off emissions cleaning after 26 km of driving."
Love it or hate it, CES is where you see the future of the automobile.
GMrsquo;s acquisition of Cruise seems to be paying big dividends.
Neither company has put a commercially-developed electric truck on the road yet.
Bids to lighten Schmidtrsquo;s sentence did not sway the judge.
Schmidt is one of the highest-profile VW execs in US custody.
VW Group will invest $11.8 billion, plans 10 new EVs for China by 2020.